treasures in the mail (and necklace giveaway)

I can’t think of one person who doesn’t delight in receiving good things in the mail.

I sure do.

So when I opened my mailbox and spotted that one of the books I ordered had arrived, I dug my finger into the fold and tore along the padded manilla envelope. No wonder I can’t grow nails.

Ah, a sweet gift. That I paid for. But a gift, nonetheless.

However, it wasn’t until flipping through the pages of the used book that I noticed a handwritten message under the title sheet, allowing me to become part of a secret words exchanged between mother and daughter.

The free gift.

With a warm cup of coffee in hand, I joined the conversation…

Dated May of 1997, it says this:

Mom …

a breeze rippling across a lake,
the call of a loon
a field of flowers
the stir of spring
warm thoughts of you ….

these are a few of my favorite things
with love,


pretty handwriting

I wonder if Kristin imagined these words would end up in South Dakota, fifteen years later?

I’m not sure. But this book will be placed on the keeper shelf.


Speaking of treasures in the mail, Retired Ruth is the recipient of the antler slice necklace!

Please email me at sdcountrywife(at) or use the Contact/Links tab above to let me know where to send it.

Thank you to all who “liked” the page!


30 thoughts on “treasures in the mail (and necklace giveaway)

  1. What a nice surprise in addition to receiving the book in the mail. I too look forward so much to things I order online and expect to get delivered. I almost hate to do it because I get irritated after a few days if it doesn’t arrive. That is why I seldom order things online. If I can find it somewhere close to me I will go there instead of waiting on it. I am not a good “waiter” hahaha. Love your blog.

  2. Years ago, I bought an old flower identification book. On the inside cover a man simply wrote, “To my wife on her birthday. May 10, 1925” It’s not the best flower identification book I now own, but the illustrations from this book, published in 1917, are beautiful and this little glimpse into the long gone past is precious. I most definitely understand why your new book is a keeper.

      • It does. Since they were already married in 1925 and I bought the book in the 90’s, I have to think they’d both left this world by that time and the book ended up at the used bookstore. My hope is that they had a long and fulfilling, mostly happy life together and the book ended up at the shop where I bought it when their children or grandchildren cleaned out their house. BTW, we had a visit from a previous owner of our farm. He provided us with an abstract showing the owners back to 1851 when it was transferred to the first private owner from the U.S. Government less than two decades after the Blackhawk Wars and only 3 years after Wisconsin became a state. That sort of thing really sets my imagination loose!

  3. These beautiful words from a daughter to a mother will continue because you’ve posted it here for all time…
    I half expected that “Kristen” had found you and I’d see her message in the comments…

  4. I love this! You know, my grandmother used to write something in every book she’d give us… and she was always buying some crazy book at the local used book shops and gifting them to us. I have to say, I’ve seen you hanging around my site for so long, I haven’t reciprocated very often and made my way over here… but now that I’m here I find the your site very soothing and grounding to me. Thanks!

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