when I step outside

When I step outside our old front porch, I am quickly greeted by all those who rely on me in some way.

It’s their wake up call.

The outside dog, she stretches slowly in beginning of a new day, pushing her wet nose into my side as I try to tie my running shoes.

The calves bounce up to the fence line, bawling and bellowing in attempt to convince me they will survive not one second longer without a milk bottle.

Farm kitties meow, slipping past the calves unnoticed, steps determined to receive attention that most farm kitties are content without.

South Dakota kitty


South Dakota dog

calf at ranch

And while that’s a lot of attention to pass around, my heart is overjoyed at the sight of all these sweet faces.

My heart is happy again at the welcoming face of friend with running shoes on and a sleepy smile forming her lips.

Soon, my lungs are cleared and the sun begins to peak out over this now damp and curly head, legs a little stronger then yesterday and I pull into the drive.

I smile at the sight of him standing on the front porch in his work jeans and bare feet,

and I walk toward the one who greets me best of all.


15 thoughts on “when I step outside

  1. Hi … i love reading your blog …. they transport me to a different world …. i start feeling so good … i can actually smell the countryside …. i live a busy life in a busy city … so you can understand ..how much i miss the country … and the beautiful fresh air ….

  2. Always perfect. We fellow bloggers could all learn a lot from you and your pitch-perfect simple wording. Aw, where did that black lab come from? I don’t remember ever seeing him before. Is he more of an outdoor doggy?

  3. That’s the funniest photo of a cat I’ve seen in a long time. What an expression on its (his? Her?) face! And your words are beautiful. I don’t live on a farm, but I’m in a rural area and know how wonderful it is to experience this daily. (And I have a good man by my side, as well!) 🙂

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