into the waters

There is something about dead grass, swollen fingers, and hot concrete that leave a girl feeling less than inspired.

Brown is not a color that typically screams inspirational, either.

South Dakota river

But on a sticky, icky July day, I take what I can and head to the waters, brown from dirt pushed to shore and even though I know it’s mucky, I glide in anyhow.

South Dakota land

Halfway to Country Man’s daily grind, he meets me there at noon for a walk along the shoreline, seeing what we discover.

And just like last time, a number of lures poke from the sand to say hello, don’t leave me, and he places them into his pockets for their new home in the tackle box.

South Dakota photography

The dogs explore as we look further west, seeing something poke from the river big enough to intrigue ol’ Nessie herself.

picnic table

Curious, we swim out toward it to uncover a tossed aside picnic table, still in good condition but in need of a little work.

picnic table

Guiding it back east toward our spot on the shore, we stop a moment to breath, to swim, to enjoy the day and the dirty clay bay.

picnic table in water

break time while old dog swims

An unconventional day, respite from the heat.

Bowie swimming

Another ordinary day turned divine, at least in these eyes.

picnic table in water with dogs

cleaning lures

cleaning lures



26 thoughts on “into the waters

  1. A picnic table! What a find! It will be fabulous for your yard and evening meals….or meals anytime of the day. Sounds like a truly wonderful day!!!

  2. I’m currently reading a novel in which the main character is an immigrant to the US and makes his home on the Missouri River. He and his friend have a picnic by the river.

    Life imitating art! Ha. πŸ™‚

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