Gray Kitty, MIA

Days went by with no evidence of Gray Kitty’s presence.

I began to worry.

Mew mew mew! I called and called.
This cat cry almost always works.

South Dakota kitty

Kitty Summer 2011

At first I was sad, and then mad.

How could he forget all that we’ve done for him?

First, rescuing him from the vet after a run-in with a blade:

South Dakota Kitty

Then we removed his man parts so he wouldn’t roam (no photos, just his response to it):

South Dakota kitty

South Dakota kitty

And what about the broken leg? Did he forget this, too?

We even let him into the house; that’s a monumental expression of our care:

South Dakota kitty

Three days passed, and just about the time I was preparing to scatter cat food wistfully toward the sky as I symbol of my moving on, I heard the unique mew mew mew that belonged to my sweet gray kitty, and I went toward the cattle yard and picked him up and squeezed him.

South Dakota kitty

Don’t ever ever do that again, I said.

South Dakota Kitty

Shake on it?

And we did shake on it, and for now, all is well on the farm.



42 thoughts on “Gray Kitty, MIA

  1. Oh, my heart was in my throat all the way to the very bottom when you revealed the happy ending!! I’m so relieved! Oh Gray Kitty–home sweet home! What a lucky little one to have such love and know such good care!

  2. That sounds like what I say to my son Loki. He is an indoor cat but if someone other than me opens a door he will bolt out (or in). Then I have to lecture him about how I am the one who adopted him when he was crippled and riddled with infections; runty and malnourished. Then he will curl up on my shoulder and bite my beard to let me know I don’t have to worry so much about him.

  3. It is just awful when one of our babies (animals, either full grown or not) disappears for a length of time. We go through all stages of hope and anger and denial and depression and finally acceptance, and then, thank goodness, when we are very fortunate they reappear again acting as though nothing out of the usual has happened!!! And we love them like crazy, and maybe a little more!

  4. Oh whew!!! After all you two have been through, it would have been even more tragic if he didn’t come back. He is so gorgeous. And he knows how good he has it, I think.

  5. I am so glad Gray Kitty is back home and in your arms…it is so scary to live out in the country the way we do as there are coyotes and critters that can hurt our kitties. I know how you feel and the awful worry….tell him to stay home you silly kitty:) Hugs!

  6. So sweet! I am glad that gray kitty has returned to you. As often as I try to give my cat the boot out the door, he either begs at the front door to be let in or climbs the tree outside my window and gives me a massive guilt trip. I think cats everywhere are exactly the same…

  7. Sometimes I worry like that about Little Kitty, who is Reggie’s True Love. She comes to see him when we go for our walks in the neighborhood. When more than a few days pass and I don’t see her I get worried and I send good thoughts to her to hope that she’s okay.
    So I’m very glad to hear that Gray Kitty is okay.

    • I was soooo glad to see him. By day three I was getting really worried. I pretty much see him every day, so it was weird to go that long without his crooked tail bouncing toward me. If I “mew mew”, I can count on him showing up. Hopefully he was just escaping the heat for the week.

  8. Gray kitty needs a blog so he can tell us of his travel adventures, but I am sure he did that by marking along his trail, and he’s probably wondering why the strange human world didn’t comment back or at least like his post.

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