I Went To Church Today

I went to church today,
the one not far from home,

South Dakota bales

I went to the church where the wildflowers grow,
on the field the deer like to roam.

South Dakota deer

So, I went to church today,
with my beloved at my side,
the one who knows these hills the best,
where I said yes to be his bride.

Missouri River

I went to church today,
and that preacher, he was on fire,
he taught me how to take this life,
to always questions, always inquire.

Old dog

He told me once I cease to wonder,
that I will cease to be,
that I must pursue a life of seeking,
hold each day in uncertainty.

south dakota homestead

I went to church today,
to the one that holds the birds.
I went to the church today,
that says the most without a word.



35 thoughts on “I Went To Church Today

  1. Went to the exact same church this morning…all the way out here in Massachusetts. It was a magical morning of rare birds, stags and sunflowers. Beyond magical. Enjoyed this post.

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  3. Well AMEN to that! These pictures are some of your best, if that’s even possible. And a beautiful poem, to boot.

    I actually got married outside by the water because that’s where I feel the most ‘connected’ – like you – in nature. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thank you for the lovely words and images. Church is in your heart and soul. It is never far away–even if it feels like it is. Taking the time to remember and be wonder-struck is the best way to find inner peace. Peace!

  5. Beautiful and heart felt gf…:):):) A true country girl’s heart with her man….we do belong where we are at in the country….hard to explain but God blesses some of us to live in the middle of no where and if we can attend a country church in our community we are richly blessed by others who have lived here longer and can encourage us to be strong and tough when things get weird…and they will…but they are so perfectly blessed in the long run….hang on tight:) I am with ya:)!

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  7. This is beautiful. Your words and your photos go together so beautifully. This post filled me with wonder and gave me such a serene feeling. I really loved it and I’m sure I will come back to read it time and time again. Thanks for sharing this, and I hope you have a lovely, wonder-filled weekend.

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