A Giant Stopped By

The only thing I can come up with is that it dropped out of his pocket as he passed by the farm.

Giants are a bit clumsy, you know.

South Dakota post

At first we weren’t sure what to think of it.

One minute we’re playing tennis on the lawn, the next we’re staring at a pointy wooden thing.

Was it a pencil?

South dakota post

Well, it didn’t write so good, but then again, we’re not Giants, so we couldn’t shake it properly to get the lead out.

It probably works just fine for Giants, if it’s a pencil that is.

Perhaps it was a toothpick?

South Dakota post

I bet if you had the teeth of a Giant, this would work wonderfully.

Still, we weren’t convinced we had discovered it’s purpose.

What on earth could it be? Why did it land here?

I mean, imagine if we had been standing in the way of this device’s fall!

Our game of tennis could have gone badly, for sure.

South Dakota post

See what I’m saying?

south dakota post

Sorry we missed you, Giant friend.

Hope you don’t mind if we keep your thingamabob.

We’ll keep a lookout for you next time, okay?

South Dakota sky



31 thoughts on “A Giant Stopped By

  1. That’s a lot of fun to have with a fence post. We should buy a few of those to fix the fence where the old ones rotted out around our barnyard. Low on the list since there isn’t anything to keep in or out at the present time.

  2. So clever. Made me think of happy stories of giants that I used to tell my boys. One night, in real life we passed a HUGE bonfire in the woods near our lake house where the loggers were burning whole pine trees like little logs. It looked just like a regular fire- only huge. My boys gasped and I calmly said “oh it looks like Fred and Mildred have been having a cook-out….” and so on for many years went the stories of Fred and Mildred and their frolicking by the lake. Rough water meant Fred was somewhere doing belly flops and huge power lines carrying power away from the dam became Mildred’s clothes lines. I would have loved finding a pencil like this!

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