no more rain dancing for me

One of the benefits of country living is the amount of space it allows for a garden.

There are no city ordinances or nosy neighbors to worry about, just the cattle and other creatures of the prairie (squirrels, in my case).

Unfortunately, no matter how much space a person has to cultivate a dream lot, other important factors exist in turning seeds to edible, healthy foods.

Soil, for starters. Fortunately, we have balanced soil mixed with a little sand, a nearly ideal combination to growing carrots and sweet potatoes.

But no matter how many check marks we may have in our favor, good old fashion natural rain is the pièce de résistance of a happy garden.

Which, we didn’t receive much of.

It was touch and go for a while, but I’m here to say the garden mostly lived through the drought and so did we.

What didn’t make it this year was the corn. Not a one of it.

Ornamental Corn

Ornamental Corn

Ornamental Corn

Thanks be to the Hutterites for sharing some of their sweet corn bounty with us, which is now in our freezer and ready to go.

garden veggies

Even though the corn didn’t make it, most everything else did.

garden veggies

garden tomatoes

I guess even veggies can persevere through a bad season, huh?

Well, here is looking at a month of less rain dancing and more canning and freezing.



9 thoughts on “no more rain dancing for me

  1. Our field corn is pretty much toast here too – But then, I hear it’s rough ALL over. One of the guys said ours looks like that stuff they use in stir fry! 🙂 Our hay overall has been: so-so. Waiting to see if the soy beans will rally here at the end.
    You KNOW I dig your green polish!

  2. I drove through some of the D4 drought areas in Indiana…I was really surprised to see how bad all of the corn looked. It’s such a shame…but at least some things have been able to make it. Indiana cantaloupes have been outstanding this year despite the weather, somehow…

  3. First year for my balcony garden and the scarlet runner beans did great as did the tomatoes which are ripening as I type but I don’t think corn likes container growing much, very small they were.
    Cherry tomatoes were bursting with flavour!

  4. Oh! Looking at these pictures, I am even more hopeful for the possibility of an imminent change for Ba.D., Li’l D and I. I would so love to grow more than can fit on one tiny back patio. Off to revisit your pictures and daydream a little more . . .

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