Summer’s Mortality and Old Movies on the Farm

South Dakota clouds

Aw, sweet fall.

The deer are anxious,

south dakota deer

The turtles… smanxious.

South Dakota turtle

And Bowie is not impressed at all.

South Dakota pup

Yes, fall is here, which means nights of harvest and weekends of hunting for Country Man, and I’ve been watching  old movies in the homestead, like East of Eden, Baby Doll, and Big Hand for a  Little Lady. I sit with a cup of coffee and sport my cute little Calvin Klein robe and marvel at the beautiful people and the beautiful way they talk.

I love the simplicity of their conversations and the way the writing does not underestimate the intelligence of the viewer. Most demonstrate emotional depth and conflict rarely seen in movies today.

But the thing I am secretly curious about is the lives the actors lived, and whether it was lovely, and if they are still alive, what they are doing now. We all know James Dean is long gone, but I didn’t realize he was only 24 and so captivating on screen.

So it seems mortality is on the mind, and as fall approaches it becomes ever so evident as the colors change, the garden shrivels, and dew collects on the windows each morning. Fall always arrives, and while it’s no surprise there is still something a bit sad about the way the branches submit and the leaves tuck in goodbye.

I feel this same way toward the old movies and the performers, wanting them to live forever and stay as they are on screen.

baby doll

Carroll Baker of Baby Doll, 1956

Always young, always sparkly-eyed.

Carroll Baker is 81 and resides in California, Wikipedia tells me.

I will be heading to California soon to see my sister. Eek! Can’t wait.

Do you think Ms. Baker would mind a visitor?


29 thoughts on “Summer’s Mortality and Old Movies on the Farm

  1. Your words are magic; there is a sadness about fall, isn’t there? Enjoy your visit with your sister! We’ve been to California a few times: Newport Beach, Laguna, Catalina, San Diego. SO different from our East Coast!
    Your first picture is breathtaking!

  2. So interesting how perceptions about fall change depending on what part of the country you’re in. As everyone laments the end of summer on the east coast (and higher elevations/central US), we rejoice in the SW that the fiery inferno is finally cooling. Fall means outdoor fun (time to get back into my Jeep, Betty, for some off-road exploration), hiking, and riding a wave of excitement into mild desert winters. Ahhh… I can’t wait.

  3. I think when you are out in California, that you need to find a dress just like Carroll Baker in that shot from Baby Doll, and do your hair similarly, and scope out a boardwalk and pose the same way for a pic…what fun! Take a step in her shoes, even if just for a brief moment…;)

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