California eatin’, on such an autumn’s day

Last week, this farm girl packed her bags and headed west, trading burgers for sushi and country for city.

We entered new land with little expectation, and with that, everything became wonderfully fresh in our eyes.

And as South Dakota became less and less through the small window overlooking the sky, I said goodbye to prairie, goodbye to farming, and goodbye to Country Man, for one whole week.

Thank goodness California welcomed me with my sister’s embrace. Her beautiful smile, the streets of activity, and the food.

California cuisine is quite tasty. See?

Seafood soup

Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese (with the fancy shmancy cheese)







Sushi chef

The Sushi Guy



With my sister’s help, this sushi experience was much better than my last!

Salmon eggs

Salmon eggs

California dessert


California food was glorious. California wine, spectacular. More on that Wednesday. WordPress might crash and burn if I post every photo in one post, so this will be a three-part series.

Have you been to California? Tried sushi? I would love to hear about it!



47 thoughts on “California eatin’, on such an autumn’s day

  1. Love the look of your grilled-cheese. Sushi–not so much…especially the egg stuff that you showed. I’m heading to California in a few weeks and hope they’ll have some decent poutine and fish’n chips and turkey deluxe for this ole Canuck! LOL.

  2. How wonderful that you get to see something so different for awhile! Yes, I’ve been to California several times. My brother was Curator of Mammals at the San Diego Zoo for ten years when we were living in Texas, and we drove out to visit. I’ve also been to LA and San Francisco and Napa. I love California, but I wouldn’t want to live there because of the congestion, expense, and earthquakes. Great food and great climate, though.

    I have eaten sushi and enjoy it, but I don’t experiment with too big a variety. I’d like to branch out with my children’s help. They are all big sushi eaters. Loved your food pictures.

  3. Yum, I’d eat it all… mostly. I’ll pass on the salmon eggs… gross… and the Octopus really needs to be breaded and fried, aka calamari (squid). But good for you for branching out! That soup in the top picture looks fabulous, hard to see exactly what’s in there but I definitely see some mussels, my fav!! Although a Michigan guy now, I grew up on the East Coast. Miss me some seafood!

  4. Cali girl, born and raised and I have lived here for all of my 60 (ahem-cough) years except for a brief stint in Africa (and people think OUR food is weird!)… Ikura (salmon eggs) is my absolute favorite – and no, they don’t taste like Pautzke’s. I didn’t grow up eating this way, and I certainly didn’t marry into it, but am so thankful I live in a place that celebrates so many food cultures and they are readily available for the whole branching-out experience! (Just wish I wasn’t allergic to shellfish, some of your photos look positively inviting!)

  5. California… yes, three times.
    Sushi… absolutely! It was one of the best things about living in Japan for a year. Alas, here on the Canadian prairie, good sushi is not to be had.

  6. My goodness but that cream puff looks delicious! So flaky. I’ve always wondered how to eat one gracefully. Whenever I try, I end up getting cream all down the front of my chin and shirt. But totally worth the mess. πŸ™‚

    Also I should mention that grilled cheese and tomato soup = best lunch ever.

  7. You are the third person I know in California last week — well, not counting the ones I know who regularly live there. That food — wow. Give me one of those cream puffs and a fancy grilled cheese!

    My last sushi experience (in California nonetheless) is one for the books. It wasn’t the sushi’s fault — but after I ate it, I later, um, saw it appear on the sidewalk. I had taken some cold medicine earlier — and later two glasses of wine. Not good. I’ll spare you the other details. Sorry you asked? πŸ˜‰

  8. Just got back from Southern California and I have to agree — ALL the food is so delicious and fresh and beautiful out there!! Your sushi looks glorious although it’s not really my thing (at all) — and I’m so happy you are having a week with your sister. What a perfect time of year (but you’re missing hunting season back in SD! ) … what a contrast … I bet Country Man misses you plenty!!

  9. I’m so glad your second sushi experience was better than your first! I’ll bet you’re enjoying that trip and some time with your sister, but I’m sure you’ll be glad to get home too.

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  11. I’ve been to California once, in High School. Haven’t tried sushi yet though…I have a hard time getting over the fact that it’s raw. I’ve caught too many sick fish to like that!

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