Halloween, When The Masks Come Off

Halloween is a holiday candy-packed with nostalgia. The best scary movies play on t.v., the grocery store is lined to the top with sweets, and ordinary people dress to disguise themselves in favorite costumes.

To celebrate Country Man’s 30th, we headed out west to the town with the best. For one night a year, Deadwood, South Dakota transforms into Deadweird, where the crazies flood the streets.





By entering the chilly streets hand-in-hand, Country Man and I entered into a transformed world, one where disguises became truth and insecurities disappear with each paint stroke.

Creepy Halloween Babies

Through mask and makeup, shoulders straightened and smiles broadened as fellow celebrators cheered each other on.



For one night, we were the out-of-place, the freaks, in our human mask and worldly clothes, zombies searching to see if were in costume and just what in the heck were we if so?

They posed in character for our photos, often thanking us afterward and then returned to their kind.


Do zombies smoke?

As the night wore on, it grew colder, bodies huddling in casinos and the bar becoming more and more crowded.

Halloween Redrum

Redrum… Redrum… Redrum

We stopped in a local casino for warmth and food, watching from windows as the barely-dressed shivered toward their destination.

Halloween costumes

Snake-styled hair

It was time to call it a night, to remove ourselves from the world in which we were strangers.

Beer can head

Beer can crushing gone bad

But who knows…

Halloween at Saloon #10

Two-headed calf

… perhaps next year, we’ll take of our masks, and enter their world.


Happy Halloween!



10 thoughts on “Halloween, When The Masks Come Off

  1. I’m sure my boys would just love it if I’d put snakes in my hair like that….but given my snake-phobia I don’t think I could do it! And speaking of scary movies…I don’t dare watch them (I’m a scaredy-cat)…I’m sticking with the nostalgia filled candy & cartoonish cutesy stuff!!

  2. We were in Nashville once on Halloween night…..hmmmm….. We saw it all!

    This line in your post reminded me especially of that night: “the barely-dressed shivered toward their destination”. I think many of those gals bought their costumes at Victoria’s Secret!

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