Pinterest project: wine cork jewelry holder

People weren’t kidding when they said Pinterest is addicting.

It is, I think, addicting in a good way. And if you’re not up to speed with this site, Pinterest is a place where you can create boards and pin… anything. Photography, humor, animals, to name a few.

My first real Pinterest project was a craft idea I pinned to my DIY board: wine cork jewelry holder.

What you need:

  • wine corks
  • any picture frame
  • hot glue gun

Check, check, check.

Wine cork jewelry holder

Then, you arrange the corks onto the chosen frame, like so:

wine cork jewelry holder

Now it’s hot glue gun time. This is a process best done with the camera far, far away. I glued from the backside of the frame, in between the corks and let it sit for a while. About twenty minutes later, I handed it over to Country Man to hang up on the wall.

The final result:

Wine Cork Jewelry Holder

Wine cork jewelry holder

Pretty fancy, eh? Now, go grab yerself some wine and get started on this project! If it’s not your style… well, I am sure there are a multitude of other projects out there, ready to be tried.

Until then, you can follow me on Pinterest, and I’d love to follow you back. Be warned… I am addicted.


13 thoughts on “Pinterest project: wine cork jewelry holder

  1. very creative! I wish I can make the same but we dont drink wine here 😀 I love DIY project too. especially when it comes to recycling the things we usually just throw to the garbage, like old boxes, bottle caps, etc 🙂

  2. I haven’t checked out Pinterest only because I know I’d be instantly addicted and I already feel guilty about the amount of time I spend online! One of these days I know I’ll succumb though.

  3. Loving it, Country Girl! This city girl would never have found something to do with her wine corks that was beautiful AND practical! And I drink plenty of wine….
    Gonna get my glue gun tomorrow. xo
    p.s. I love Pinterest too….

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