holiday thoughts from the farm

South Dakota deer

Maybe you’re like me…

You anticipate the child-like state of mind, the buffet line of food that the holidays bring.

Christmas lights! The tree! Frustratingly imperfectly wrapped gifts that looked so much better in your mind but they’ll just have to do sitting under your tree!

Yet, there is a whisper of loneliness that strikes around this time, and it’s confusing. How can such a festive time of the year surrounded by friends and family also leave one… sad?

Maybe because we feel like we’re not supposed to talk about the sad part at such a holy time of the year.

The missing someone who’s gone part, or the ones we hoped so dearly would be here by now, and they just aren’t, no matter the amount of wishing or envisioning the face in the picture frame.

Or the families we have but would rather not be around…

Just give it to Jesus!, they say with certainty. But that doesn’t work like you say it does, I think to myself.

The other day I subbed at the Hutterite colony, many of the children experiencing their first loss after their grandmother and friend died of cancer over the weekend.

As I stood outside during recess, a girl came up to me, eyebrows tightened.

How are you?, I asked, seeing her little mind processing something unfamiliar.

I am sad.

That was all. Three honest words.

So this holiday season, I vow to rest when I am sad, laugh when I am happy, and love everyone in between.

Dashed with a dose of grace.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving break!


18 thoughts on “holiday thoughts from the farm

  1. Such true words. I don’t think there could possibly be any of us who don’t experience at least a touch of sadness during the holidays.
    But I’m hoping the sad times will be few and the happy times abundant – for you & yours!

    • While I was putting together this post, I was thinking of an older friend who lost her mom ten years ago, and still misses her presence around the holidays. Another friend my age lost her husband to cancer this year. Such a hard time for a lot of people. Hope yours was peaceful, with sweet memories of past celebrations.

  2. Perfectly expressed.

    Sometimes we need to boil it down to the simple stuff: If we’re sad, it’s OK to BE sad. It’s not the hap-hap-happiest time for all. And I think having to fake-it-till-you-make-it is just too much to bear for some.

    Something I try to be purposeful about at this time of year is to NOT get caught up in all the angst and such … to try and just “be.” To breathe. To see. To pause. To enjoy.

    Bests to you for a peaceful and stress-free Holiday season!

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