He came to us

After Old Dog died, we didn’t know when we’d be ready for a new dog.

It hurts to type that out, even though I’ve moved on in the only way we humans can.

But in our plans, specifically Country Man’s, eventually a new pup would fill the empty space in the back of the pickup, and on those bitter December days, the cab.

However, neither one of us planned for what happened next…

Nearly two weeks after Old Dog left this world,  Country Man received a call from his one and only coworker on the farm, telling him a very thin German short-hair ended up on the 6,500 acre farm. If he didn’t want him, he was going to shoot him, he said.

This man knows my husband, has worked with him for the past 13 years or so, and he could make the threat with confidence it wouldn’t have to be carried out.

We hopped in the pickup and drove over to take a look, to see the rail-thin whole breed who either ran off, or was left behind in the field.

South Dakota hunting dog

He was a pitiful sight, to say the least.

After a few nights in the barn and no responses to our newspaper ads, his timidness dissipated with every outstretched hand of kindness and he came home to stay with us.

His loyalty at this point is undoubtedly to Country Man, and me, well, we’re back to square one with my small dog and kitty concerns.

I try to swat away the thoughts that compare him to Old Dog, because the differences are many and he can’t help that.

I wonder where he came from? was he left behind? was he loved? did he have miles of land to explore like he does now?

Probably won’t ever learn the answers to that.

Until then, this face, (and the barking, I am learning), will be a part of our life, whether we planned it or not.

Welcome aboard, friend. Hope you like your new life on the farm.


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57 thoughts on “He came to us

  1. I’m glad you have a new dog. Agreed that the idle threat was just push coming to shove. Maybe the barking will subside. I can’t wait until we’re not back and forth all the time and can really have dog. A farm is a happier place with a good dog.

    • You are so right, Aster. I can’t believe he just showed up, so thin and sad looking. We had no plans of getting a new one. The vet says he is at least five years old.

      As for the barking, we wonder if he was an inside or town dog? Hopefully it will subside.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Look at those ribs! I’m so glad he found you. And what a sweet face. How could you not just love him to bits? I hope the barking subsides as he settles in and feels at home.

  3. Awwwwwww……no one could deny that sweet, sweet face. So happy he has a new home, and that there’s a pup to (sort of) fill the hole that was left when you lost Old Dog. And we can’t help but compare the new ones to the ones we loved in the past.

    • I’m glad you said that – sometimes the realization that he’s gone hits hard. He was really a great dog. Nearly the opposite of this new dog, yet similar in many ways.

      I am thankful for this new one inviting himself into our lives, because it may have been a while before we brought a new one in.

  4. I’m pretty sure Frankie has some German Shorthair in him … I see a familiarity in those soulful brown eyes. Bless you for taking in that thin pooch, I know he will bless you right back again!


  5. I’m so happy this dog found his way to you and Country Man (and hate to think of the poor dog’s fate if Country Man hadn’t intervened). I bet in no time, he’ll be filled out and making himself right at home.
    I have no idea of Reggie’s past before he arrived at the shelter and it was so enticing to make up stories to fill in the gaps I didn’t know, so intense is our human need to have everything figured out. It has been a lesson for me to accept what is. Sometimes I don’t get to know everything — nor do I need to.
    Welcome sweet doggie!

  6. Such and beautiful dog! And he’ll get more and more beautiful and more and more loving in your hands! We have a German Shorthair too, and they are wonderful dogs. He will be the perfect dog for you two!!!

  7. Oh my goodness, what a story and what a gorgeous dog! How can you not love a dog with a face like that? My husband grew up with a German Shorthair named Hannibal and we still talk all the time about “Old Hambone.” Thanks for the good memories 🙂

  8. I am so happy he found the best home ever and he will be so loved and happy. He is your Christmas present 🙂 Your story made my day, thank you for sharing it.

  9. What a sweet face! I hope your new friendship eases the pain both of you feel. God has a great way of filling in the gaps in our lives.

  10. It’s a very special thing when God sends you your very own dog! I hope all of you have a wonderful “happy-ever-after.” I know how much it hurts when a beloved dog dies; I’ve been through it twice and know that I have at least three more times to go through it, probably more, since life without at least a dog to me is unthinkable!

  11. What a beautiful face! I hope that pup wasn’t left-though, sad to say, it’s all too likely. Humans can be all too cruel to animals.
    In time you’ll come to love him, not in the same ways as Old Dog, but just as much, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without him.

  12. Yay! Looks like all three of you got what you needed! Makes me so happy to hear it. I look forward to reading many more stories about New Dog. And want to see more pictures as he fills out.

  13. Oh that poor, sad, beautiful baby. I can’t beleive someone said they would shoot him. I would shoot them. This poor beautiful soul can’t help it that he is lost and alone in the world. Why oh why are people so mean to dogs and cats. I have had too much of it lately. I am completely overwhelmed by it. Please give this beautiful baby sweet hugs and kisses for me. And an extra bone or two. Thanks for taking him in.

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