Christmas cards and giveaway winner

I love Christmas cards.

I love receiving them, and I love sending them.

There is something about seeing the rectangular shape of a stamped envelope in the mailbox to reassure a country woman that the world is still turning and there is life beyond these fence posts.

I even love the Christmas letters, and don’t mind reading about Great Uncle Phil’s visit to Michigan to see his brother.

So some time late November, early December, I pull out the ol’ tripod, lure Country Man in with sugar cookies and Dolly Parton eyelashes…

South Dakota photography

Cookies and a sparkly shirt on a Wednesday night?… something is definitely off.

… and then BAM! I attack. Picture time.

Two hours and ten patience tests later, we get one that will have to do:

Even with a Milo photo bomb.


Congrats to Laurie Lee, winner of the Christmas ornament from our shop!

Thanks to those who commented and everything; very appreciated!


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