a decorated life

I still decorate.

He wakes up, puts the coffee on, and this day begins.

It’s later on that I string some garland across the house, wind lights around the window.

This yearly ceremony that we do, to reflect on good things and giving.

I smile, and it’s then that I remember why I do this.

Each movement in itself is a prayer, thankful for this life and chance to experience it.

But in the dark, the truth can’t hide and thoughts go toward those who hurt this time of year, who lack in ways I can’t imagine and I lay here content, full, so fortunate in so many ways.

I am all those things, a woman grateful but often ungrateful and wanting to reach out and whisper words of love.

To make others feel it.

But I can’t, can I.

Instead, I linger in a hug with my long-haired country man, a kitchen dance without the music…

I pet the ears of a furry companion a little longer; smile at strangers on the street.

The decorating, this life, it’s simple, but it’s complete.

And it’s beautiful.


8 thoughts on “a decorated life

  1. Your words resonate through the silence of your photos …. and are so touching. I always feel like your soul comes shining through your writing and I am really moved by that. Happy Holidays, Blogger Friend!!

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