a farm cat’s escapades

See my sweet little angel face?

South Dakota kitty

That was him as a kitty. Country Man and I picked him up from the vet clinic after learning of his accident with a fan blade.

Kitty owie

He was shy at first.

farm kitty

And then he wasn’t.

South Dakota kitty

South Dakota photography

He adapted quickly to the farm, but it wasn’t long before his adventures landed him in the vet clinic again.

South Dakota farm cat

His antics brought out the mother in me, and I swooned and kissed and carried him around, sweet-talking him during medicine injections.

So it was no surprise to see him hobble over to me the other day, meowing with the same determination of a wild child looking for his momma to make it all right.

farm kitty

And lucky for my not-so-little kitty (he is well-known among the Mice Clan), our vet friend was with me as we prepared for a day of shopping, and she determined the gashes and blood were from a cat fight.

I knew just who it did it, too.

The orange, stubby-tailed tom cat who lurks around the farm and is about as gentle-spirited as a cornered mountain lion.

tom cat

I ain’t going near him.

So we’re back to me waiting for the meow meow meow as he limps toward me from the barn, scooping him up and sweet-talking as I shoot $20 worth of liquid antibiotics down his throat.

South Dakota kitty

As for our first farm cat, she’s been as clean as a whistle since the day she arrived. Has hardly cost us a penny.

South Dakota Kitty

Maybe she can teach him a thing or two about farm safety?

farm cats

Hey, uh… word to the wise… avoid the orange catbeast…. and fan blades… and cattle yards… and… will you just behave already?


24 thoughts on “a farm cat’s escapades

  1. Oh I needed this post today, my dear. Thank you for sharing your sweet kitty and his adventures–of course he has your heart 🙂

    Holiday hugs to you ALL and may the new year bring joy and comfort and NO trips to the vet!!

  2. I no longer have cats but certain animals wriggle their fuzzy ways into our hearts – and we don’t complain too seriously about the cost of meds or the cold noses in our faces at 4 in the morning….Love your posts. Does Kitty have a name?

  3. I am far more a dog person than a cat person, but now and then I look at a fantastic solid gray cat like this one and think, “Aw, now, I wouldn’t mind having one of those.”

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