a change in tone

We’ve lost our youth. There is nothing in the world that will ever return it.
Charles Brandon, The Tudors

I remember when Country Man and I were married, a few of the older couples seemed surprisingly excited to witness our vows.

It was strange, I thought, that people I didn’t know well cared at all about “our day”.

Now, I understand why. It was not the exchanging of vows, of making sure the young people were doing marriage properly that they were concerned with, but the witnessing of something experienced once upon time and lost in  memory, and to be reminded of the bittersweet promises they once had made themselves.

My 28th year on this earth was marked with many life graduations: realizing immortality, the possibility that there is nothing after this life… you know, the stuff we humans try to escape, like the awkward conversation in a supermarket aisle, or the reflection in the mirror.

As I experience life on the homestead, with livestock and farm creatures surrounding me only to serve as a constant reminder of life’s grand limitations, I invite you to stay awhile as I take a different path with this blog.

Not wildly different, but different.

Well, perhaps a little wildly in it’s own way.


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