The 5 Signs of Cabin Fever

Between the cabin fever and the cold, summer seems as fjdk dkfjs uwolxr.

Oops, sorry, my fingers froze to the keyboard again.

What was I saying? Oh right. It’s cold. -20 with the wind chill cold. So, thanks to that and our country isolation, the pups and I contracted the Cabin Fever again. We aren’t happy about it.

Ok, we might still be happy.

Ok, we might still be happy.

How do you know you’ve contracted the fever, you ask? I will tell you.

The 5 Signs of Cabin Fever

1. You think about food more often, leading to blog posts about food, leading to eating said food, which leads to thinking about what to make again… it’s a vicious cycle.


2. It’s too cold to go outside, even though the fresh freezing air could be beneficial. I could be wrong though.

3. Tea becomes a sweet mid-day relief.

tea in mug

4. It becomes easier to think in list format, hence the post title. (See this and this for examples).

And the #5 sign you might have contracted Cabin Fever:

5. Your real life friends are temporarily replaced by the likes of Ellen DeGeneres and Carrie Bradshaw.

Can I get an amen?

How are you surviving the long winter months?


29 thoughts on “The 5 Signs of Cabin Fever

  1. I am on my third cup of steaming hot tea as I type this….sigh. You’re so right, it’s what I most look forward to on cold days like this, that temporary warmth! (it’s around minus 10 with wind chill here)

  2. I know you are much, much colder there than we are here in Virginia, but we’re even darn cold here, too. My thermometer says it’s not even 30 degrees, plus it’s wind. A few snow flakes are falling. I’m loving it! Got a big pot of Texas chili in the crockpot. I tend to think of food on days like this, too. Heck, I tend to think about food all the time.

  3. Tuesday, the coldest night of the year so far, the local fire department conducted a training exercise which included burning down our old farm house. I’m not suggesting you do that to a liveable house, but that sure kept us warm for a while. I haven’t posted about it yet, but it was a pretty good experience. Some of the members of the family who moved out close to 45 years ago came out to see it. Actually a son of the people who lived there then and one of his nephews were on the fire department crew that came out. I got to hear a lot of stories from one of the sisters who was 13 when they moved out about how things used to be when our place was still a working farm. That part of it was priceless.

      • It’s up now. I hope you enjoy it. We have records of owners going back to when the US government granted the land to someone in the 1840’s. The family we’ve talked to were there from the 1930’s or 1940’s to the late 1960’s. Ownership was more spotty after that and noone had live in the house since 1980. They’re the ones that I was the most curious about and I’m glad I got to meet some of them, hear some stories and have an offer of pictures and more background information.

  4. I hear ya on the food thing. Single digits and teens here in Northern Michigan for the last week. No idea what the windchill figures are. One thing is for sure, I’m real glad I don’t have to work out in it. That being said, I’d still take extreme cold over any humid day I’ve ever encountered. I’m a wimp.
    What do you think of quilting or some other big project?
    Stay warm..stay busy!

  5. Oh my goodness, I can totally relate to this right now! We’re in western N.D, and the other day we had a windchill of -37 :/ And to top it off, it’s not just me with cabin fever, it’s my 3 little ones as well. Everyday they ask to play outside… and as much as I’d LOVE to throw them all outside, it’s not worth the frostbite haha. Its rough, I understand!

  6. I’m in Atlanta, so it’s not even cold here — and I miss that!! It is a little chilly here today (about 45 and gray) so I curled up with a book and feel really cozy — but I know if I were trapped in the true cold for days on end, I would get seriously wiggy. Hang in there — or go out and take a few photos for us southerners to marvel at. I love your pictures!!!

  7. HA! It’s funny because it’s true! I pulled out the old photo box to label all the pictures. That’s usually the tell-tell sign around here. I’m pretty wild, huh!

    Also: LOTS of homemade cinnamon rolls. Yum.

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