Faces around the farm

I am surrounded by faces.

Black faces, red faces, speckled faces…

Snow-covered faces, too.

Faces that won’t stop for a second,

and some that are world champion relaxers.

Furry faces not from this farm but a friend’s…

the sheep farmers wouldn’t notice if they were one less, would they?

Some faces that are sweet but often up to no good,

and a black face that is just as sweet but up to more good.

The one she-human face,

the one manly face,

and the cattle’s view of it all.


15 thoughts on “Faces around the farm

  1. your blog posts and pics are uplifting! TY! Loved the ones of you both in the trees. ;^) I want to shre my stories too and you have inspired me and given me the confidence to try! Thank You! And keep creating such a beautiful reality!

  2. Believe it or not, I discovered your blog while searching for moustache cup because I just received one from my grandparents tonight! Hope you are still using it and that spring arrives quickly for you….or me!

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