hunting for horns

Now that the snow has melted, it’s time to start looking for sheds.

We have extensive territory to cover and only a short window of time to do it, before competition builds or the pressure of harvest season begins.

I don’t always go along with him on these adventures; he’s got friends who match his passion and who don’t wimp out so easily. (Hey, this wind is cold. And dressing weather-appropriate would be smart).

But when the sun is shining and I can wear a tank top, I’ll be there!

While my husband picks up horns, you’ll find me staring at the spooked deer or the garbage remnants left behind from previous dwellers, because that’s what they did at that time, I guess.

It’s always a sad sight but I know we can do better by the land.

Even though I was “skunked” this time around, I will keep tagging along as long as I can.

P.S. To the gopher I called a prairie dog, I apologize. I hope you are not easily offended but full of grace. I really was born and raised in this state, believe it or not.


6 thoughts on “hunting for horns

  1. Oh oh when I read the heading I thought you were looking for sheds – you know the kind that are built of wood. Couldn’t imagine why you would do so though. As you can see I am a dyed-in-the-wool city woman.

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