So we got some snow.

We received a few inches these last few days.

Not a huge fan of it, but what do you do?

Well, I know what to do. Check on my farm kitty’s newest gashes, to make sure he doesn’t need stitches.

He’s good.

Unfortunately, the second I turn my back, he is ready to roll with farm pup and she’s tough, but not tough enough for him.

It’s April, right? What does your April look like? Are you staying warm? Are you going crazy yet? Send me a lifeline.

xoxo, Country Wife


21 thoughts on “So we got some snow.

  1. It’s starting to get warm in Ohio. It was actually close to 80 today! We also had a huge thunderstorm with hail. Then it was sunny. Then it stormed even harder. Yeah, Ohio!
    I love your dog! What kind is she?

  2. Beautiful weather in southern CA, as almost it is always. But my time in Wisconsin let’s me know exactly how you are feeling. New life is just around the corner, hang tight.

  3. Beautiful 70+ degrees here in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas for the past two days. Is turning cooler though for the next couple of days, and blessed rain is falling. Tomato plants go in next week! 🙂

  4. Actually, we’re having a slow warm-up. We’re actually having spring! Last couple of years we went from winter to summer and then boiled for 4 months. Not cool. I’m enjoying the slow simmer .. 🙂


  5. It’s been awfully hot here in Maryland the past few days….I LOVE IT!!!! I have definitely discovered that I’m NOT a cold weather girl. I guess growing up in a desert will do that to a person! Wondering if it’s time to start planting the garden??? Don’t you have a coffee bean tree/plant? How’s that going?

  6. Umm…we had a recent cold spell in Tucson; temps dropped into the high sixties. Mid eighties before and since. Of course, in two months I’ll be wishing we were somewhere else, but two months of hell out of twelve isn’t too bad, is it? My daughter lives in Colorado Springs; it seems like low teens one day, sixties the next. I don’t like schizophrenic weather…

  7. It’s amazing here in Texas! It been in the 80’s for the last few weeks. It is a bit windy and humid, but its kinda expected when you live by the beach!

    Hope it warms up there for you guys soon!

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