There’s a new man in town

Well, Orange Kitty is a new man of sorts. A less testosterone-filled one, that is.

The vet also treated him for ear mites.

Was he grateful, you ask? Did he come running into our arms the second we opened the cage?

Let’s hug! With your face and my claws!

No and no.

Wild Tom Cat

He hissed and growled and glared, knowing he couldn’t flight but wouldn’t go down without a fight.

Wild Tomcat

Country Man released the latch and in a flash he was off, into the trees where he makes his home until no one else is around.

There are town tomcats, and there are country tomcats, and the two ain’t the same thing, ok?

wild tomcat

Well, tootle doo, Orange Kitty. We wish you the best in life, and if you decide to keep heading west, we’ll understand.

wild tomcat

wild tomcat

Something tells me he is not going anywhere, though.


15 thoughts on “There’s a new man in town

  1. Yep, I agree that he’s not going anywhere, he’s with you for good! And I bet he will become sweeter and more charming with time! xo

  2. Going, going, GONE!

    “with your face and my claws” — HA HA HA! Great stuff.

    He reminds me of the grand old Toms that hung around the farm – and there was always a smattering of orange kittens who looked just like them.

    I hope he mellows out and becomes a favorite 😉


  3. I took my cat to the vet yesterday too, he wasn’t too happy about it but he was a gooooood boy!! I love that you took this cat in, so sweet! He will thank you someday! Probably with a bird or a mole.

  4. His bobbed tail gives him a certain extra tough and don’t you forget it kind of aura. Probably got it caught somewhere. When I was growing up, we slowly tamed a mean 3-legged cat that we named Old Tom. (Not too original!) His wound was fresh, and he somehow accepted my Dad’s treatment of dowsing it with hydrogen peroxide. But with a lot of love, he came around and became the most spoiled housecat! How I loved that old tomcat…

  5. The photos of him high-tailing it out of there are priceless. So good of you to take care of him but let him remain his untamed self. I have had two orange kitties in my lifetime, so I looked at his pics (even the evil glint in his eyes) and softened a bit!

  6. I remember having these cats around our house when we were kids. A couple times, they got in The house, and would hiss and carry on when you’d try to get them out. I was terrified of them, and to this day am not a fan of any cats. I remember luring one out of the house with pieces of bologna. But real nice for mice catching:). I hope he stays.

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