a tale of two sisters

So this is how the middle starts.

You’re the older the one, the mature sophisticate who can’t wait to meet up with her best friends and do what best friend early teens do, after Mom drops you off and goes down the list of horrible things that happen to children who don’t listen to their parents.

The two are about as opposite as sisters can be. While you’re making double plays in softball, she’s sitting in right field picking the dandelions and waving to Mom, brushing strands of hair away from her cute freckled nose with her over-sized mitt.

You don’t think too much of her while you’re away because she’s always around and she doesn’t understand the ways of a teen life just yet.

She stands by the door, waiting for you to come home so she has a friend because the dolls aren’t going to play themselves but you had a bad day and you think she’ll always be there to greet you, so not today.

That’s how it starts, when memories become a thing, and just when you think you two will be cards-on-the-holidays siblings, something cracks…

The younger look-a-like turns out to be less of an obligation and more like a friend.

She even kinda looks like one.

The months become years, and you find nothing compares to the time together because she’s the only one who understands your quirky sense of humor…

The kind of knowing humor that makes you not want to look into her eyes during a serious event, like church or anywhere you’re supposed to be quiet and respectful.

Our faux senior pics

Our faux senior pics

The kind of knowing sadness that comes from shared pain, like the loss of a pet and she was the only one who cried when you told her your good old boy was terminally ill and you thought your heart would burst.

Yep, she’s 2,000 miles away and your middle school best friends faded like they tend to do.

And she’s still there, growing older along with you, laughing about love handles and attempts at running and discussing good wines and good men.

You’re not sure when or how it happened, but she didn’t give up and it looks to be a fun adventure with her for years to come.

Happy Birthday Baby Sister, your bro-in-law & I love you lots.


24 thoughts on “a tale of two sisters

  1. There’s nothing quite like the bond between sisters. My wife is one of three, all very close, all very connnected. I have invaded every aspect of her life, as husbands will do, but that is one place where I have no place.

    I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Great share.


  2. How sweet! As a younger sister, I trailed my older sister around like a puppy dog throughout much of our childhood. When she’d have friends over on the weekends in middle school, I used to camp out in the bushes and watch her friends (who I thought were so sophisticated!) through my dad’s night-vision binoculars.

  3. You are so lucky to have a wonderful sister and friend, and I can see you know that. So very special!!! May you two have many, many wonderful, fun loving times to come! xo

  4. There’s no doubt that sisters are the best kind of friends. And even though we live so far apart (London, Los Angeles and Wellington) we are still best friends. 🙂

  5. Such a beautiful way to describe the bond between sisters! Even with thousands of miles separating us, the bond doesn’t weaken… Loved this post – thanks for sharing!

  6. This is why I want more than anything to have another daughter so Bella can have a sister. I always wanted exactly what you described. I want that so much for my daughter. Not to diminish the bond between brother and sister, but it’s not the same. And as an only child, I was forever jealous of my friends and their sisters.

  7. Thank you for the lovely story. Each time I come back to read your blog, I am taken back to my childhood days on the farm.

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