Milo Goes Groomed But Thoughts of Cow Poop Still Linger


He’s not known for his cleanliness.

He hates baths, trims, and eats cow poop like a drug addict in the bathroom at work, anxiously feeding his habit while hoping to God no one catches him.

Cow Pies: It’s What’s For Dinner

Since his curly unkempt hair is a magnet for burrs and ticks, I figured it was time to take him into the groomers. He was overdue about, oh, three years, so it seemed as good a time as ever. Country Man and I have both tried our hand at cleaning him up, but he puts up one heck of a fight and leaves us choking on hairballs for the next two days.

When the groomer asked me what how short, I said the shortest cut possible.

So short that I can see the ticks before they’ve morphed into that disgusting green blood-filled jelly bean shape.

Good luck! I said, heading to the local bakery for a donut and coffee.

An hour and more donuts later, I came back to find a new dog, decked out in a kerchief.

I asked her how he did. Not very well, she said. I gave her a five dollar tip and grabbed my dog, looking like the parent with the naughty kid and even I couldn’t deny it.

I know who he is. I accepted it a long time ago.

Milo the Terrible

Maybe this new look will be the beginning of a healthier, cow poop-free lifestyle?

Actually, I am pretty sure he is thinking of cow poop right now. Aren’t you Milo?

You betcha you are. Planning to reward yourself for this ridiculous photo session I put you through, on top of the grooming and the scarf. And that I flipped the scarf over to make it look like a bonnet. I couldn’t help myself.

Well, the groomer can only do so much for a dog and his person.

Just hope he thinks of me mid cow poop feasting, remembering he is burr and sticker free.

Actually, I hope he doesn’t think of me while doing that…


13 thoughts on “Milo Goes Groomed But Thoughts of Cow Poop Still Linger

  1. Milo looks so handsome with his spring transformation though I don’t doubt that he was still thinking of cow poop.
    The moment I bathe Reggie he wants to run outside and roll in the grass to get that “awful” lavender scent off!

  2. Cute cute cute! I know exactly what you mean….our dogs like to roll in it too or they find something dead to roll in and stink….yuk….ugh! Not sure what the poop gives them but they like it! And they love when I have the horses trimmed as they like to chew on the hoof..its better than the poop! Milo you are so cute:)

  3. With our dogs it’s goat poop, rabbit poop, duck, chicken and guinea poop. And let’s not forget cat poop too! Very disgusting, but delicacies to them!!! xo

  4. I second the cat poop. My old dog, god rest his soul, dove into cat litter like a chimp on a banana. The worst part was when he came in for a morning kiss after he had his ‘breakfast.’ Glad to know that it wasn’t only my dog who ate poop. For a second there, I thought I was a horrible parent.

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