Rain for the Garden

I am going to sound like a broken record here and say this weather has been most welcomed. We’ve had some beautiful rain, for which my garden and the crops are thankful.

sweet potato

sweet potato plant

I am most anxious for the tomatoes to come up. Our local growers sell hydroponic tomatoes, which are more affordable but don’t compare to the real fruit, especially straight from the garden.

Lettuce is another great veggie, which will be ready soon.

garden lettuce

Snakes are common garden visitors, and I’ve found they don’t produce the same reaction they did as a kid. We just do our own thing and try to not unexpectedly cross paths.

snake in garden

So yes, this rain has done wonders, a natural but beautiful occurrence that I grow to appreciate more and more.

garden flower

Of course, Jack isn’t a huge fan of the storms, we’re learning. He also doesn’t like his picture being taken. Man would I love to know this guy’s story.

Jack the German Shorthair

Jack the German Shorthair

Questions: Any gardeners out there? Non-gardeners? What is new in your life? I 100%, wholeheartedly want to hear from you. It gets a little lonely out here with Country Man in the field and my cat is the worst company. He fights my cuddles.

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32 thoughts on “Rain for the Garden

  1. So enjoy your posts. I live in Northern Ontario….a gardener of flowers and vegetables. Bird lover and lover of all animals. Love your big dog, Jack!! Pictures are wonderful…Thanks for sharing! Debi

  2. Ohio gardener…. something is eating the leaves of my green beans…. 😦 probably rabbits. I bought some pellets to scatter around made from animal urine, I think Supposed to scare away critters.
    Year #2 for rhubarb…. maybe harvest some next year….
    I have a cat the won’t cuddle much either, only on her terms.

  3. We wait for rain here too. I have a plot at the community garden which harvests not only vegetables and flowers, but lovely connections between folks who otherwise walk on different garden paths. Marvelous photos, as always. And I love your pins on Pinterest 🙂

  4. My garden is finally recovering from all the rain! First year doing a larger scale garden and excited to see the results. The kids love watching everything grow! Jack, what a cutie. So strange not having any animals since our last kitty died. We’ve decided to get a dog in the spring. Need to build a fence first. Looking forward to a new adventure!

    • It’s amazing what animals do for our souls. Same with gardening. It was my husband who got me into it, the farmer that he is. I am slowly getting the hang of it and appreciating how little seeds can produce food for months. As for Jack, he came into our lives two weeks after our black lab died. Jack had been either left behind by hunters or gotten lost, because he was rail thin when he showed up at my husband’s work. He makes things interesting!

      Good luck with the gardening, and thanks for commenting!

  5. Just had some lovely rain here too! (Western NSW in Australia.) We don’t have much of a garden because we are in town with a small backyard but a few herbs, vegies, and flowers are growing happily! I understand the loneliness too – my hubby and I moved 10 hours away from our families/friends when we got married 5 months ago and some days it is really hard.

  6. We’ve had a lot of rain here in West MI, it’s very green and rather soggy. I’m not a gardener, years of weeding for Mom’s acreage garden cured me of that, but I do have some pretty annuals and a farmers market nearby – does that count? 🙂

    I’d love to know Jack’s story, too, but I’m sure one chapter would read, “The day that really nice couple saved me – hooray!”

    Bests! MJ

  7. Jack is just too cute… my mother recently adopted a german shorthair and pitbull mix… what a handful! I garden, but have limited space to do so because I like in an apartment. Right now I’m working on growing several herbs, some perennials, tomatoes, and green onions. I live in the states (Massachusetts) and we are being clobbered by rain.. almost too much! It looks like you’re receiving the rain that’s so desperately needed. Hopefully I can send more of Massachusetts’ rain your way, because we’ve had our fill! My poor plants are drowning.

  8. The right amount of rain is the balance. In Chicago we had a lot of rain in the spring, almost too much. not it has sort of dried out. Last year it was drought time and stuff dried up and we had to water. I do enjoy the garden, but more of the looking kind. I wish we had the space for a proper vegetable garden, that would be fun. No matter what kind of garden there is, it is work, but fun work.

  9. We’ve had a lot of rain in southern GA and upstate SC (I’m a bi-weekly traveler – work in south GA and hubby’s in upstate SC). I am impressed with your bravery to take a photo of that snake! I’m not a fan and love to garden as well – and am always fearful of coming across a snake. And did recently – a rattlesnake – when I was hanging a bougainvillea under one of our Bradford pears. I hung the plant, and then went back to water it. There was the snake, right where I had been standing only moments before. I immediately turned around and walked away as quickly as I could. I was so thankful I had left the pups in the house on that return trip! I was too scared to go back and kill it but my father recently came out to the property and checked around for more.

  10. I love all your photos! I tried my hand at gardening one year and enjoyed it but it was a lot more maintenance than I expected. And then I got pregnant and didn’t, and then I had a newborn and didn’t, and then I had two kids running around and didn’t and this summer we’re moving so it’s been since 2009 that I’ve gardened! I hope to again in our new house when we finally move!

  11. We have a postage stamp-sized front yard and a little courtyard in back, but my oh my do we have a lot of plants. My husband especially loves working in the garden. I wish we could grow veggies, but no room. I do, though, grow some herbs. And we have a ton of geraniums because they grow so well. Rain has not been a problem here at all. And I love that picture of Jack.

  12. Hi Country Wife!
    No more garden for me and it’s kinda sad. Us girls had to help in mom’s enormous vegetable garden as kids and teenagers but unlike MJ above, I still had one of my own up until a couple of years ago. This past fall I agreed to let my husband seed it in with grass due to my neck and lower back issues. 😦 That was a tough one as I too LOVE not only going out and getting stuff from it for dinner during the summer months but love the root cellar full as well come wintertime. It’s an on going adjustment and I am somewhat mollified that I can support my local farmers market from time to time instead.
    Happy Gardening!
    p.s. I too had nasturtiums. Yum…they rock!

  13. We have little room for gardening, but we do plant tomatoes, green peppers and herbs in containers on the back patio. We also belong to a CSA, which is where we get the bulk of our produce June through October. I long for a little land to cultivate into a root cellar-filling garden.

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