my brief experience with cats so far

Growing up, we had one cat named Cleo, a queenly calico with a fitting name. Most of the time Cleo minded her own royally-viewed life, but every once in a while she would saunter past my sister and I as we laid on the floor in front of the tv, letting us know she felt like being scratched for a while and we had permission to do so. So we’d oblige, still fixated lifelessly on the movie we’d agreed upon and trying to avoid the other end of her nose.

But as much as I adored Cleo, I had no intention of getting another cat after she died, not because I didn’t like them, but because at some point in life I developed an allergic reaction to their coats. Suffice it to say, I would have been much more heartbroken if that allergy had been toward dogs.

Farm Kitty

It wasn’t until moving to the farm when I learned I could have a cat without it dwelling in my home and making me sneeze and itch and swell. The first adorable feline to cross our paths was a quiet kitten with an easy-going disposition, affectionately referred to as Black Kitty.

South Dakota Kitty

She has been a stellar example of what a farm cat should be, friendly yet independent, living her life and not making any trouble.

We appreciate her and the work she does around here.

Her job also includes keeping dogs humble.

Her job also includes keeping dogs in their place.

About a year later, the vet clinic called to inform us of a little gray kitten who had been injured by a fan blade. They asked if we wanted him, and I wasn’t sure until I saw him. Naturally, I wanted him real bad after seeing his tiny alien head with big green eyes.

That’s how they operate, you know.

He was a cute kitten gray kitten, but it didn’t take long to notice a faraway twinkle in his eye, followed by him using my fingers to sharpen his vampire-like teeth.

Farm Kitty

Ouch that hurts, a lot, I thought, but strangely it only increased my maternal instincts over him, knowing that other creatures might not be as patient as I was and he was bound to get into trouble with that up-to-something look in his eyes.

It didn’t long for him to prove me right. It began with him hobbling toward the deck, back leg up and dangling in a sickening manner that can only be interpreted as a bone break.


The vet fixed him up nicely, we fed him his antibiotics again, and he seemed to move on with life steadfastly.

Farm Kitty

The last year or so has also been a different type of turmoil for my coal-colored kitty, less independent injuries and more so with help from his adversary, a bigger male of the orange-coated kind.

Fixing both hasn’t seemed to make a difference, and gray kitty keeps coming back with more battle wounds, the latest a swollen club foot with scratches all over.

Farm Kitty

I am at my wit’s end with this cat. I am also wondering if this isn’t a veterinary conspiracy to give away cute kittens who are pre-programmed to need many future vet clinic visits.

Farm Kitty

If so, they had our number big time, because this cat has seen the vet more times in his life than our dogs combined.

Farm Yorkie

I wonder if I shouldn’t just leave him at the vet’s this time, considering he is not much of a hunter anyway.

Farm Kitty

Look at that face. That’s a face that knows he’s not going anywhere.

Sigh… Catch you later, gotta go to the vet clinic now.


13 thoughts on “my brief experience with cats so far

  1. I am much more of a dog person too….but, that hasn’t stopped us from having FOUR cats and FOUR kittens. One calico was dumped at our house in the country. She is grateful to be here. One is a blind cat that adopted us. The other is a senior cat we’ve had for forever, and Mama Barn Kitty that had her litter in our barn and now has staked out our deck as their new home. Sigh. I give up. The dogs tolerate the cats….so I guess I will too. God made cats so cute, to balance out all the mischief they get into it. haha!

    • lol, you have a hands full! I just got back from the vet, and she said he is her new favorite cat because he lets her take his temperature. Apparently their experience with farm cats is not the best if my cat set the bar. He actually broke open his wound in the carrier since he wanted out, and that’s what the vet was going to do anyway. Now I have to put a heating pad on his a few times a day so it keeps draining. Oh joy!

  2. I am a huge animal lover, but I will say that in an odd way cats can be more work. I have a yorkie/maltese mix and he’s like an eternal 2-year-old that will never grow up. But I also have male and female Siamese mixed cats and they are trouble with a capital T! I’ve found over the years that male cats tend to get hurt more and in battles more often. The female cats usually want to be left alone. Here’s hoping your kitty calms down soon! He needs to be out in the fields chasing mice… not getting into cat battles!

    • My thoughts exactly! I am glad to know I am not the only one with demanding cats. I know he doesn’t mean to get into trouble, but he sure doesn’t avoid it when he finds it either. I even locked him in my husband’s shed last night so he wouldn’t run off before his vet appt this morning, and he managed to open the cat door. Thankfully he was nearby.

  3. Aww, I LOVE cats. They make me so happy. And yes, they get into loads of trouble. And they’re so cocky about it, too. 😛 Although I know plenty of dogs that are a lot of trouble, too.

    • lol, that’s true. I think it has to do with expectations. I expected the farm cats to be independent and take care of themselves, while I watch over the dogs more because they are much more defenseless out in the wild. This cat is showing me the errors of my thinking! Thank you for reading and commenting!

  4. As a child I also would swell up and itch and sneeze and green stuff would pour from my eyes. I knew if I lived long enough though a proper medicine would be invented and it has! Singulair or its generic form, montelukast. I have an indoor cat who even gets on my bed. I love it! When I am back home (my house) I miss the cat that my dad has taken in. He is highly allergic but lets the cat live on the porch as its an outside cat anyway. But that cat wants so much attention. My brother plays with it when he visits which is quite often. His son pets him a lot. His daughter can’t get near it because of asthma and allergies. I miss my cat when I am my parent’s house also. My cat isn’t nearly as talkative and friendly but I am hooked just the same.

  5. If Hubbs wasn’t ER-worthy allergic we’d have kitties, too. That charcoal grey kitty is just gorgeous. Of course you’re off to the vet clinic, like there’s an alternative!


  6. As far as vets go – my white rabbit is the all time winner. Don’t think she’s had a year with fewer than two life threatening ailments. Just happened this week, too, nearly dead, thought we were bringing her in to put her down and like the Phoenix from the ashes she arises. Today she sat up briefly by herself. This rabbit has had more prayers than most people I know. She like your kitty certainly picked the right home

  7. At the moment I’m reading Dewey the Library Cat and reading your post there is this juxtaposition to your orange cat, could they be somehow related?

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