happy future campers we are

We (ok, me) have been wanting a pop-up camper for a long time, so when a friend was selling his at a reasonable price, we couldn’t pass it up.

I’ve already imagined all the places we will explore, and Country Man sees a fall season of more comfortable hunting trips.

pop-up camper

Oh yeah…

There are many tucked away spots to camp in South Dakota, as well as big name camping sites like the Badlands. Country Man has never been through it, so it’s high on our list for the next stay-cation.

As a kid, my neighbor took my sister and I and his daughters to the Badlands to camp, but I didn’t see it the way he did. The work, time and money invested into the travel, along with the beauty of the scenery and the break from everyday life. I’d like to go back there and see it with adult eyes.

Pop-up camper

Country Man set it up last night, and today I will fill it with sheets and blankets and kitchen tools.

The iced coffee is made, the animals are fed (including the buffalo calf, but that’s another post), the lawn is mowed, and the day is young.

Better get started. I just wanted to show off our new camper.

Jack the German Shorthair

See you soon!


15 thoughts on “happy future campers we are

  1. Looks like it will be much more comfy than sleeping on thermarest mattresses on the hard ground in a tent! You’ll have BIG FUN in it, that’s for sure!!!

  2. OOOOHHHHHH!!!! SOOOOOO JEALOUS!!! I would LOVE to have a happy little camper like yours and cannot wait to live vicariously through you on your explorations. Enjoy, my beautiful friend! XO!

  3. Y’all got a buffalo calf?!?
    Please. 🙂
    It is my life long Dream to move to the country and have a smallish(15-20 head) bison farm. Enough for meat at home, and a few to sell.
    Are there plans to add more, or is this just a one timer?
    Enquiring minds want…no, NEED to know.

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