A Rainy August

Sorry for my absence, I’ve been out traveling the world and other fascinating things.

California beach

I meant reading about other worlds. Close enough.

Lately I like to go to the garden and sit under the apple tree that is as old as the house that shelters us. The cooler weather has allowed it, and I am not complaining unless the sun isn’t out.


It’s been such a strange, wet August and here I am, about ready to mow for the second time in six days. The farmers are happy, to say the least, and ready to buy new toys with their crop’s success. Most are relaxing a bit and letting the rain do the work.

south dakota photography

Well, it is time to go mow and pull some weeds. A gardener’s work is never done.

sweet potatoes


15 thoughts on “A Rainy August

  1. This has certainly been an odd summer. We’ve been having rain about every day in Virginia. It’s like living in a tropical rain forest. Nice to not be wringing my hands over a impending drought, but the mowing is getting old. You have a beautiful garden. Thanks for the photos.

  2. Here on the usual wet (west) coast of Canada our July has been the driest that there are records for, go figure, you have our rain!! The corn has been ready here for a week or two now…yours looks great too

  3. Your garden looks much neater than ours! Sadly the weeding has not been much of a priority for us. And the rain won’t stop long enough for the mowing to get done! My poor husband tried tonight, but the dew came before he could finish. So frustrating, especially after fighting a mower that keeps getting plugged.

    But yes, farmers of all kinds are rejoicing. It’s so fun to see so much green this late in the summer. Its amazing how even though we are not grain/livestock farmers (just pheasants), we still have the farmer mindset and react to the weather as they do.

    I came across some Deer & Dear Designs in the gallery in town a couple of weeks ago when I had to waste some time. It was fun to see it in real life after just seeing pictures for so long!

      • We do! Pretty sure I’ve seen you pop up on FB as friend of a friend type of situation. What’s crazy is I found you through a Southern blogger … Lauren from Texas perhaps? Gotta love the Internetworld!

  4. We’ve had a week of summer and 6 weeks of mild temps which I absolutely LOVE. It’s pretty green and the fruit orchards have fruit hanging by the bushel full 🙂

    Still .. I have a feeling another heat wave is coming

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