Lazy Dogs of Summer

As I have mentioned before, this old homestead we call home was built by Country Man’s grandparents in the late 1950s. It is small and to the point, every room with a purpose.

While it has changed over time, by his folks and by us, the one thing that has remained the same is the original wood flooring.

But after five years of cold feet winter nights, we decided to add carpet to give it warmth and a more homey appeal.

We are happy with it, but I wanted to share how the furry members of the family have adopted it as their own:

Dog laying on carpet

so soft… please walk around me, thank you and goodbye.

What’s theirs is ours, they think {and it’s so}!


14 thoughts on “Lazy Dogs of Summer

  1. Nahhh… These Australian and Yorkshire Terriers… little scamps that burrow the hollows in search of vermin, they are the dogs for me! Have you ever seen a terrier catch a mouse? The mouse has no chance.

  2. I’m forever trying to find some actual house supporting function from my indoor rabbits – eat weeds, scare away intruders, anything. If you don’t count the love and entertainment they’re not worth much, but fortunately love and entertainment, but mostly love, are pretty big contributions to our happiness. Oh and the 18lb Flemish giant rabbit, would probably frighten an intruder, but only if he didn’t scamper away at the east provocation. Love your dogs they seem very sweet and cozy, but my 3 rabbits 10-18lbs could probably take em.

  3. Wood floors are beautiful (especially OLD ones), but they do get a bit chilly in the winter. Imagine how much the two-legged and four-legged members of the family will enjoy that carpeting when the temps get cold!

  4. Oh my… is that the cutest thing ever? I’m always cold-footed, so I can well understand your desire to have some warmth on the toes. Your pup seems to be – perhaps – the happiest of them all?

  5. This is adorable! The house sounds intriguing, I want to know more about it! It sounds like a wonderful home with lots of family history. 🙂

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