The White Days

With nearly record-breaking heat this week and the AC working overtime for it, I decided to take a few hours to run to the river and swim.

Tobi and Erika Marks’s The Mermaid Collector accompanied me, and it turned out to be a better-than-expected few hours (meaning no sunburn).

I love when that happens.

As I was reading my book I came upon a phrase called “white days”, as told by the main character Tess when describing her mother’s sadness:

That was what she used to call them. They weren’t blue days, she’d say, because she never thought of blue as sad; blue was the color of water, and the water made her happy. But white was the absence of everything – the saddest, loneliest color she could imagine.

I don’t know about you, but I know just what she is talking about.

It’s hard to have a white day at the river though, with an excited pup rolling around in the sand and rocks while collecting burrs that will need to be cut out later.

When it’s just her and I and it’s like we own the Missouri River for ourselves, walking along the beach and occasionally throwing a stick out to water for her to retrieve.

She loves fetching her sticks, and grunts like a pig swimming back to shore.

I love that shadow dog.

A perfect, blueish day at the river.

Good tan,

loyal companion,

and a book that pairs well with the beach.

This book is soul food. Thank you, Erika Marks, for writing it!

What’s on your reading list now?


12 thoughts on “The White Days

  1. Oh my dear…You can’t know how much it made me smile to open this post and read your words and know that passage spoke to you. I am so, so touched.
    You have such a gift for photography and blending emotion with picture. Thank you for sharing that gift with my novel today.

  2. My favorite book I just read was Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner. It wasn’t terrible much of a story, but it was beautiful. Now I’m reading Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn. It’s sobering, but it has a lot of great information that I think we need to know (it’s talking about the gendercide that women have faced in developing countries).

  3. I am currently devouring “Lone Wolf” by Jodi Picoult. Don’t have time to read it. Don’t care. It’s …. encompassing!
    Love the quote and thank you for the book tip, I am always on the hunt for more good reads!


  4. I read Erika’s book and really enjoyed it. I love the phrase “white days”.

    Right now I’m reading Me Before You, by Jo Jo Moyes about a quadriplegic man and his caretaker. It’s a love story. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a nice summer.

  5. I love this whole post – starting with all the beautiful pictures you took and shared. There’s something in the light reflected off the water that gives me an almost “artsy” quality. From a personal point of view, I also deeply connected with the quote from the book you’re reading – about the white instead of blue days. I love how your blog is kind of like a good friend across the miles.

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