Fall is near

There is something slightly magical about the coming of fall that stirs even the summer lover up.

Autumn brings the deer to the open, scavenging quietly through cornfields and hidden water wells as buck’s horns near full maturation, to the delight of the men behind binoculars.

This is their time, when harvest is still in waiting and apples fall freely from trees.

And as the deer gladly fatten themselves for the winter, the leaves turn in submission to it’s callings as well, all of nature stirring in unison while a soft drumming echos it’s theme anthem.

Yes, fall whispers to all us creatures, great and small.


15 thoughts on “Fall is near

  1. Wow! Country Man’s trail cam provides a terrific view of the scenery – including the nice bucks, or course! Absolutely beautiful country you have up there!

    I am a summer-lover too, but fall is certainly one of my favorite seasons as well. We are hanging our tree stands this weekend, and soon it will be time to stock the cabin with food and head out for a weekend, or week-long stay! I can’t wait, although I know it means you country/farm girls will be “hunting widows” soon too. We really do love you girls for letting us be who we are, you know. And though we might not admit it around the camp fire, we will miss you too…

  2. Those are GREAT photos. Were they taken with a game camera? We are in the market for a new camera, Do you mind telling me what model you are using? I’ve never had the luck to get a photo of a buck. Good job

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