Those Colorado Mountains

It’s Sunday morning, and Country Man is still sleeping off his recent trip to Colorado where the guys scoured the mountains for elk only to be deterred by the stubborn rain.

But with a view like this, was it really all loss?

His going away makes me think back on the first year, months, we were married, and how his upcoming week-long hunting trip made me sad to think about, wondering how I could survive six WHOLE days and nights without him next to me?

He would go over how to use a gun, remind me to lock the doors, and in the morning be gone before I had time to splash some cold water on my face. I remember that being a long week.

Now, six years later, there remains a quiet anxiety with knowing he’ll be leaving, mostly fear for his safety and wondering if he’ll be taken care of properly. However, those worries lay aside as my hopes for an experience only attained by time away in the mountains with no electronics or shower surface to the top.

I quickly find my own rhythm and create my own schedule, keeping busy like the independent mind that I am and thinking this isn’t so bad, I could do this forever maybe.

A week goes by and he tells me he will be in town at the newly opened coffee shop where I started working part-time, and I am so busy I forget.

It isn’t until I am wiping the counters up of espresso and spinach leaves after a hectic noon lunch that I see a tall man in a dark olive green shirt rush in, my heart recognizing him before my eyes and there was nothing stopping the grin and squeal spilling from my usually controlled expressions.

I think those Colorado Mountains brought him home more handsome than he left me…

and reminded me that while love changes with the years, it has a surprising strength and way of reminding you of what it’s all about in the end.


13 thoughts on “Those Colorado Mountains

  1. love the photos of the mountains… we live on the plains and we have a few rolling hills, but no views like that….. and the heart always does grow fonder. I was gone last weekend and called home – after almost 22 years of marriage being away makes the phone calls better. This weekend is her birthday – third try at 17, and it was just great to look at her and talk this morning before the kids got up.. know how you feel.

  2. Great post, I feel the same way every year when my husband leaves for his annual fishing trip at our cabin in Northern Wisconsin. It is a different pace for both of us and one we each look forward to but it also gives us a chance to remember how truly blessed me are by each other’s presence when we come back together!

  3. Great words, and love the photos. Colorado is a state I really want to visit. I am lucky to only have my husband leaving for weekend trips at most, but I am sure if places like Colorado were more attainable I would be going through the same thing. Most of the “exotic” trips we do together while visiting family, and thus far it has mostly been fishing.

  4. Stumbled upon your site today for the first time. And I must say I love it so much! Your writing is so simple and yet emotional; almost nostalgic. You sound like you’re living such a wonderful life to the fullest. 🙂 I’m really captivated by the simple beauty you express in your words.

      • I know what you mean – I keep trying to drink more tea, less coffee. I finally understand why people have such a hard time breaking bad habits like smoking since I can’t even get going without my morning cuppa! LOL

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