Buffalo calf won’t you come out today, come out today…

We have a new addition on the farm, and he goes by the name Dexter.

My father-in-law bought him, most likely with my niece and nephew in mind in order to share a world with them they don’t see much of in Idaho.

Dexter is a connector, and he’s completely unaware of that fact that his photo is texted and posted and admired.

He and the steer calf are roommates, and while the fat steer runs to me in search of a handout, the buffalo calf sits back observing, shy and watchful of the creatures on the other side of the fence.


The buffalo has a skeptical nature, perhaps due to an ancestry filled with being speared down and chased off cliffs, to be used as food and clothing and supplies.

The steer calf seems naively unaware of such a life as he chases me around the fence and bites my shoes.

Dexter reminds me of the movie Radio Flyer, a childhood favorite of my sister’s and mine. There is a scene when a large buffalo appears to a young Elijah Wood and speaks to him, giving him direction in his challenging life.

Are all buffalo so wise? And can they secretly talk? Hmm…

Anyway, I will keep you updated on his life as he grows. The photos will become more distant, most likely, but we’ll see.

Happy Sunday from the farm!


17 thoughts on “Buffalo calf won’t you come out today, come out today…

  1. Will he stay on the farm, or will he move on to freezer camp?
    The National Bison Association has some fantstic information of raising bison, including what to expect as they start to mature. In your one reply you mentioned he’s showing aggression…be aware, that won’t change, other than to get worse. And if he keeps his horns, they do have a tendancy to hook and lift. It’s part of the social structure of bison herds.

    He’s cute though…I love bison. Bulls, cows, babies…love ’em all! Part of the reason we bought a farm, was so I can have a herd for meat sales…and photography…and fiber collecting. 🙂

  2. How charming! Even though I live in an urban area, I am so drawn to nature that I go out of my way to find it. A couple of weeks ago I took an hour-long drive just to go horseback-riding. My first time! Anyway, I love these photos, the buffalo is adorable! I have so much reverence for living things.

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