Happy Halloweenie!

Happy Halloween! I’m early, oh well. What are you planning for this ghoulish November’s eve?

Last year we drove to Deadweird, an event full of creative costumes and detailed artwork. After being there, I don’t know what’s scarier… the costumes, or how well people get into their character.


Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetle…

Due to combining, we have to skip this year’s weirdo night and instead I will be hanging out with my pups. If we’re lucky, we’ll get one trick-or-treating family, but that’s about it. Just me and the animals and a bag of Snickers.

Batwoman and Dog

Also, Country Man’s birthday was yesterday. I mentioned a while back I am working at a coffee shop part-time, and that also includes lots of baking. So with the help of a cake decorating pro, I made him a cake. I am such a Crocker. Is that how you say it?

Happy Birthday, My Love

See? It’s a picture of Old Dog carrying an antler.

So… what are your plans? Talk to me.

Lonely farmer’s wife, over and out.


7 thoughts on “Happy Halloweenie!

  1. that’s pretty awesome you made such a cool cake! I bet working in that coffee shop is pretty nice, I would imagine you get lots of regulars and that would be fun. Halloween is my guys birthday. We are forgoing trick or treating with our kids to have nice sushi dinner and then a trip to the 99 cent store where we will all go wild filling our baskets with little trinkets and things.

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