More Farm Kitties

I can’t get enough of these mice eaters.

So when someone found a weaned fall kitten in a neighboring farm – detailing kitty’s sad and certain fate if left there – and looked to us, we took the meowing newbie home.

farm kitty farm kitty farm kitty farm kitty farm kitty farm kitty farm kitty

Isn’t he the sweetest? I think we’ll keep him.

On a new topic, anyone put their tree up yet? We’ve had ours up for a while now. I think I am making up for not putting one up last year.


Other featured farm cats:

Gray Kitty
Black Kitty

Or, click the animal tag. Sure to see a lot there.


19 thoughts on “More Farm Kitties

  1. Beautiful sweet kitty! I’ve never played the lottery, but if I were and won, I’d spend almost all my winnings on a no-kill cat shelter!
    Put our Christmas tree up tonight, but haven’t decorated it yet.

  2. What an adorable kitty face!! And what a pretty tree! Season’s Greetings to YOU! Just put our Christmas decorations up but won’t be getting a tree this year (first time EVER) since I’m off to Thailand on the 13th to see my daughter …. feels weird to go treeless!

  3. My boys have been pleading for a cat…it would be hard to say no to that sweet face! Just got our tree up today….after a series of very unfortunate events…or should I say, a bright idea gone awry!

  4. He’s a lucky kitty to live on your farm. I am glad I put my tree & decorations up last weekend before the ice and snow hit hard here in Southern Indiana. Are you snowed in too?

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