Jeeze Louise it’s cold.

Well if that’s what everyone else is talking about, then I might as well chime in.

Cold cold cold. Talking almost 50 below with the wind chill tomorrow. I don’t like it one bit.

Country Man bought me a fancy latte-maker for Christmas, in good timing since our coffee maker broke yesterday. I need to order one ASAP.

While I will be gripping a cozy Grandma-sent mug to stay warm, Country Man will turn the heater on in his shed to keep the rest of the crew comfortable.

See? They have no idea it’s freezing out there.

Where are you? What is your weather doing?

I hope wherever you are that you are warm & happy.


Ps. Wanted to say a big thank you for the outpouring of love you gave on the last post. You are all so wonderful.



25 thoughts on “Jeeze Louise it’s cold.

  1. Noticed CM wasn’t even wearing a jacket inside his work space. How do things keep running in such cold? 20’s tomorrow which is very unusual for here. Rick is running out to the country to check on the well pump.

  2. It was bitter cold here last week, then it warmed up, and now we have freezing rain and the temps are predicted to drop rapidly. I love the pics of your furbabies!

  3. Super cold down here in Arkansas too! Low of 0 degrees tonight and high of 9 degrees tomorrow. We have one big pig getting ready to have piglets! Yes, today on the coldest day we’ve had so far! 😦 Our other mama had piglets 2 weeks ago, and they are burrowed way down in the straw, hoping, like we are, for warmer weather soon! We all should be much warmer by Wednesday. Hope it warms up there for you too! xo

  4. It’s beastly cold here in Alberta, Canada too. It was -35ºC (-31ºF) when we got up this morning. Fortunately, the wind that howled most of the night had died down and the sun was shining. Temperatures like this are pretty normal here at this time of year but it’s been a bizarre winter. The thermometer has been like a yo-yo with temperatures going up and down. The worst has been the rain we’ve been getting every time it warms up. Rain at -5 to -10ºC (14 to 23ºF) is almost unheard of but not this year!

  5. aaahh yes we are all getting ready for the cold here also.. 20 to 30 below here… I am sure that mean no school, no out door fun and my poor husband works out side of a living so lots of warm clothes packed into the truck in the morning.. brrrrrr

  6. My Beau wishes we lived in Alaska…..I think he might get his chance tomorrow and Tuesday! Windchills of up to, or is it down to?, -26! Seeing pics of your animals made me think of the science fair project my oldest made last year…it was a solar heater made out of recycled aluminum cans! It actually produced temps 30+ degrees above the ambient (outside) temperatures! Easy to make and free to use! With all the cold weather lately, I might just have to do a post about that one! 🙂

  7. It is hot here in Florida, I almost turned the air conditioning on again…but I was in Michigan just a few days ago and nearly froze my butt off. It took a day or two to thaw out. I have often wondered how settlers chose those incredibly cold places to establish their homesteads. Such hardy souls. Try to stay warm and keep those lattes going. I always worry about the furry ones when it is that freezing cold – glad yours can keep warm.

  8. The arctic blast is to get here (in west central Ohio) after the winter weather that is happening tonight. Calling for wind chill to be -40. The coldest that Ohio has seen since the late 80’s. Hubby and I have the heat lamps on in the barn for our outside collie (he has a heated dog house in the barn) and the horse. The cats are also over there. The chicken coop has heat lamps also. I think they will be warm:) Then we have our inside dog and cats. I don’t even want to think about what our electric bill will look like for the month of January! But, at least we are all safe and toasty:)

  9. Yep, record lows in Michigan and a foot or more of snow fell since last night. It certainly gets cold around here but we don’t get that many below zero days with much lower wind chills. Calling for that the next two days. Worried a bit about my goats but they are tough critters and have plenty of shelter. Okay, yeah they are pretty spoiled! 🙂

  10. We’re just about snowed in in Denver. The kids love it. It takes 5 times as long to walk from the car to our building as they have to explore every inch of their snow-covered wonderland. And when we get inside they eat the snow off their boots. Yuck.

  11. Southern Indiana is cold. We have -4 on our thermometer right now, not counting wind chill which is somewhere around -25. Our little dog does not get to go on his run today. I stand on the porch while he is out on his leash, so that I can reel him in like a fish as soon as his business is done. Thankful for our warm home these days!

  12. Southeastern Wisconsin where it is -14 with a wind chill around -40 but at this point who is even looking at the thermometer. We are just hunkering down with anything hot to drink and baking things just to turn on the oven! We are also taking nothing for granted like warm houses and heated seats in our cars. The dog has found that his bowel and bladder capacity is far greater than ever before…smart guy! Stay warm and enjoy your lattes!

  13. I’m in Mendoza, Argentina — and it’s sweltering hot here. Seriously! But we’re sending you lots of warm thoughts up there in fe-reezing USA … and appreciating all the SUN here! Happy 2014 and keep those kitties warm!

  14. Warm and wet here on the we(s)t coast, if we ever do get a dump it is really nutz because no one is used to driving in it and more than half the roads are on hills! This year 2014 may be YOUR year…Happy New Year! 🙂

  15. I thought I had better send you a note from Australia – we are in the grip of a heat wave. The Australian Open tennis tournament started yesterday in over 40 degree celcius temperature (I think that converts to 108 F)? Anyway, tennis shoes were melting, young canadian players were seeing Snoopy on the court before passing out, it was terrible. Best wishes for a wonderful 2014

  16. Oh my! I hope things have warmed up in your part of the world since this post! Down here in South Australia we’re in the midsts of an icy, dry winter. We don’t get snow, but the air puts a chill in the bones just the same. I’m so feeling this post right now! Coffee, blankets, and pet cuddles. 🙂

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