Welcoming Spring

There are no shortage of reminders that spring is here.

All people and animals were winter weary, including our frozen pipes that led to backing up of water, then to the rationing of water, then to me feeling like a hand-sewn prairie dress and bonnet away from the late 1800s.

Thankfully, though, spring has come. In all her imperfect glory, she has come.

You know what this means… shed hunting. Calving. Fencing. The many great and wonderful activities spring brings to us on the farm.

Though this was a long winter for us all, it’s already forgotten as the sun warms our face and cool air cleans out our lungs.

It’s another season in weather and in life.

Looking forward to what’s ahead.



10 thoughts on “Welcoming Spring

  1. Me too! Looking forward I mean. We have it so easy here in Southern Spain (weather wise) but I am still so, so happy to feel the warm sun on my face and see all the orange trees in bloom. Glad you are coming out of the deep freeze!

  2. yes spring is here, but it will be a while before we are completely out of the woods… the forecast here is for snow next week but a slow warm up… but yes indeed there are signs of spring, I’ll be searching the familiar paces for crocus sprouts and picking up the yard today… have a blast – sorry to hear of your pipes, I don’t believe I could have survived a winter on the plains as it was described in the the Long Winter by Laura ingalls Wilder.

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