Replanting Fruit Trees One More Time

Growing houseplants (or fruit trees, in this case) is a labor of guilt. At least it is for me.

So often I want to give up on them, since only the pomegranate has produced fruit in the five years we’ve had them.

It’s around springtime that I think it’s time to let them go; start fresh with something that will do what it’s supposed to do.

But every year, I repot, breaking off the old soil from the roots and replacing it with the nutrient-rich.

One more year, why not?

At least I have good, yet trouble-prone, company while I decide if the plants will receive a thumbs up or a thumbs down this year.

Before I go, I wanted to mention we’ve been doing some shed hunting these past few weeks and thought I would share a not-so-old post if you’d like to see what that all entails.


13 thoughts on “Replanting Fruit Trees One More Time

  1. One day I hope to grow my own trees & hopefully maybe even a vegetable garden.
    For now, I will continue living in a small apartment in the city & buy my produce from my favorite, quaint farmer’s market.
    Your blog inspires me & maybe one day I’ll be able to live a simpler life.

  2. You might try lime trees?? I have had great luck with mine — just haul it indoors in the winter and never repot it — and I got 25 big limes last year!! Good luck — and happy planting!! (I’m so impressed with your pomegranate!!!

  3. What an interesting post. “Honey,” (no offense implied. Mamas and Texans say that.) I was thinking, “do I need to remind you live in the Dakotas?” Seriously, I’m so impressed with your perseverance and tenacity. You rock and I wish you updates to this post…no pressure.
    And about sheds, we’re sold on Morgan Buildings.

  4. T,
    I was thinking about you today….and then I saw your post. I was wondering how you are doing? Thanks for sharing your fruit trees in SD post:) You have far more patience and perseverance than I do!

  5. why not try outdoor fruit are their any apples or cherries that can handle the cold their? just a thought at least you would get a nice bloom and fruit and less work with repotting.

  6. I live in a Zone 5 growing area and have fantastic success with raspberries. Apples and cherries can do well if they are sheltered, and blueberries can take 10 years before they fruit… Some pears and plums can survive too, especially the hardy heirloom varieties.

  7. No help to offer with the trees unfortunately. I just wanted to say hello from this part of the world (Menzingen, Switzerland). I stumbled across your blog quite by accident but find your story, images and writing to be spare and lovely. Plus I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and your blog somehow reminds me of “home”. You have a new fan in me! Frohe Ostern!

  8. I am impressed-and a little bit jealous-that you’ve grown a pomegranate tree! 🙂
    That’s pretty darn awesome.
    This is coming from someone who can’t ahve indoor plants, because the house cats will destroy them! To start seeds for the garden, I have a room built in the basement for my light stand!
    Will y’all eventually replace the apple tree?

    (btw, Peggy, I grew up in WInnipeg too!! Now I’m just 30 minutes north of there…Small world! 😉 )

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