Planting Fields and Other Things

Well as some of you may know it’s planting time in Farmersville. And as we speak Country Man is in the field sowing corn, while I sit here eating a taco.

We both love tacos and tacos aren’t the same without him.

I often feel like with this blog, I talk about the same seasonal things and share the same seasonal photos.

It’s those same thoughts that both drive me mad about this lifestyle while offer up a deep appreciation for it.

The predictability of it all is nice, to see the farmers in the field, the truck drivers hauling hay, the calves discovering their legs in the open field.

I think I need it more than I love it.

We are still pushing forward with our hopes of expanding our little family. I know I don’t have to talk about it, but those of you who stick with this blog and read it are the most compassionate, kind people and I wish we lived closer so we could share a cup of coffee in the morning and talk in person.

But that’s not our option, and I am growing less and less afraid to share this part of our life, because it might help someone else and because I don’t feel bad about it anymore.

I am thankful for options. We have some neighbors, in their 70’s, who live on a five generation homestead and have never had children. It wasn’t until I met her and she said they have no one to pass their farm on to that I realized how fortunate we are to have science in our favor when it comes to needing medical intervention.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me during this season of our life. It’s my hope that whatever you are doing, you are well and happy.

Life is Good


10 thoughts on “Planting Fields and Other Things

  1. You know what… Your writing is so involving that I want to come to you and share a talk ASAP… Really… Very nice… Hope we shall discuss things sometime atleast on the net… Just for fun…
    By the way, you might like some of my articles and poems I’ve written in my blog. Just take a look and comment about how they are if possible… heres the link

    Seeing forward to having a chat with you sometime…

  2. I have come to love the predictability of life. It gives me comfort – like a big, warm blanket. I would LOVE so much to sit down and talk over a cup of coffee – maybe someday! Keeping you in my prayers.

  3. I too live in the midwest and come from a farm family. I think it is mundane but at the same time I love seeing the tractors back in the field just as I do when the fall comes around. There is comfort in a lot of it. And as you, trying to expand our family with a little help from medical science. Good luck to you!

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