Worstest blogger ever

This post isn’t about me.

It’s about everyone else who blogs consistently and is making me look bad.

Chris Farley

No reason for this image except that it makes me laugh

I hope things are well with you. Not a whole lot new around here. The cows are still mooing and my Country Man is readying himself for calving.

Plan to update with photos over the weekend. Subjects in this sunny weather always look better than the gloomy winter ones.

We’ll see you soon.

Until then, what’s going on with you?


24 thoughts on “Worstest blogger ever

  1. No way. You’re not the worst blogger ever. That’s MY title!
    All is well with us. So busy I can’t concentrate on much. I feel like I’m chasing shinny objects. All. The. Time. 🙂
    Jake is graduating in May. (!!!)
    I’m moving our house hold/barn back home to Idaho days after. (1900+ miles)
    Trying to keep up with my husband on the road when I can.
    It’s just a real good crazy time.
    Good to see a post from you and I actually got to see it in a timely manner! Bonus!
    Miss your photography…Looking forward to seeing what ya post up.
    Have a great day!

  2. I’m in a blogging slump too! Looks like we need a support group for fallen bloggers. There’s just not a lot going on right now and I don’t want to bore my readers to death with the mundane details of life in late winter which, I must say, is pretty boring. I’ve been tossing around some ideas for a series of posts but I’m not ready to commit yet!

  3. Hi there! Good to hear from you and hear that all is well! I’m not a blogger at all, but so enjoy reading others’ blogs. I found you through Celi on thekitchensgarden. My hubby and I have our own small farm here in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, so it’s fun to read about what other farm folk are up to! Also looking forward to pics of what’s happening up there in South Dakota!

  4. You can’t be as bad as me. My last post was over a year ago. Life, especially 2014, got in the way. But, a colleague inspired me by his habit of writing 500 words a day. So I picked it up in diary form for the last couple weeks and, today, decided to open the blog site and see what the peeps I’d been following are up to. I hope life on the prairie is good for you. Will be checking back to see your pictures.

  5. Haha! I was just thinking this about myself! I keep thinking I’ll get inspired to write, but they’re fleeting moments. I’ve learned to roll with it and not feel bad about myself. Glad to hear you’re doing well!

  6. Hey!! Stumbled upon your blog and glad I did!!!
    It is very refreshing to read about country life and dream about it for a city dweller, where land is measured in square feet and not in acres..I drift into fantasy as I read through your blog! Am sure it is a dream stay!

  7. Welcome back, babe! I’ve started blogging again too – I think part of me is itching for an activity apart from shoveling, brining in wood, tending the stoves, etc. Blog time is ME TIME, and I can’t believe I stopped! Look forward to hearing about life on the farm again. Hope all is very well. XO

  8. I don’t blog every day, but normally 3-4 times a week.
    I do it by planning posts out Monday morning, writing as many as I can and scheduling them. Then the morning they post, I go back and edit any links to linkups I join in. I find the link ups really help push me into writing. Especially the ones that include prompts, whether writing or photo prompts. I enjoy trying to fit life on our farm into the ideas given. It gets a little creative sometimes!
    Some times it feels like I’ve said things, or posted about them before, but people seem to enjoy what I’m posting…and, I love sharing the stories and photos of our journey. 🙂

    Looking forward to your pictures. Hope all is well with you and Country Man!

  9. Naaah, definitely not the worst blogger in the world. I sometimes go years between posts. I read a lot. I do photo shoots of the canning and preserving I do, but then, somehow… it never makes it to my blog. The last few years my blog has been crap because I use it to vent my frustrations with the dealings of life. Hoping this year is a change. I quit my job in December and am now a dedicated housewife with no eyes on employment other than my home. 🙂 So far, I still haven’t blogged any worthy content! lol

  10. Noooo way!!! I dont blog as much as I would like.Sometimes I just am in a season…a season of seasoning I figure!!! Haha

    I have no doubt,like myself ,others enjoy when you do post. Just happy to read when you get a chance to write on here.

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