Puppy Nose

Bowie is the puppy of the fur bunch. Although she’ll be seven this year, technically middle-aged, she doesn’t seem a day over one.

We just wuv her and she makes us talk funny and she might be a little adored.

Today I decided to take out the camera and capture close-ups of her brown eyes and button nose, because some day I will miss being able to kiss this face anytime I want.

Bobo nose

bobo nose

Puppy Chow Face

bobo nose

bobo nose

Camera Time is Boring

bobo nose

bobo nose

Sitting on your lap = win

bobo nose

bobo nose

Not even trying, just naturally cute.

bobo nose

bobo nose

What a patient girl. She was rewarded with scratches for allowing me to be in her face like that.

Happy Thursday!


5 thoughts on “Puppy Nose

  1. I find it incredible the relationship we can have with our pets! I love my dogs, and love to capture their beauty, hoping that the picture will hold their memories long after they’re gone!

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