Too fast

This first time mother thing has been a ridiculous joy.

I share happy photos and moments on social media, and even in my effort to “keep it real”, I find I have so little to complain about. How did I get so lucky?

In one month he will be a year old.

I’ve been told often it goes by fast, savor the moments, soak up the cuddles… and any other common saying that flows from well-intentioned mouths to new mothers.

And it’s all true. I’ve had to discover this for myself, but it’s true. I am thrilled to know what is meant by those words, finally.

I am also realizing it’s not the birthdays that measure their warp speed development for a mother.

It’s the exchanging 9 month for 12 month clothing in their dresser, or the moment you realize they no longer need to be rocked to sleep, but can do it on their own. Or when they throw their head back like a wailing widow because you won’t let them have your cell phone. When did you stop being my baby? We just brought him home, didn’t we?

There are enough photos stacked on our desk to fill two albums, enough toys in the living room for ten kids, and he’s not even one.

A ridiculous joy.

Happy Camper

Happy Camper


16 thoughts on “Too fast

  1. Nice post. Ferris Bueller said it best… “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.” Kids grow quickly and before you know it they are ready to move on. My oldest is off to college this fall, my youngest is going to be in 8th grade… i still get a cuddles and hugs and wonderful moments – they just look different. Have a great weekend and wonder week. Peace.

  2. I hear you!! Sometimes it really annoys me when people tell me these things. I’m trying to soak it in but it is not always easy or enjoyable and that is reality too. We aren’t meant to “enjoy every moment” and we need to lose the guilt associated with that time-moving-too-fast-pressure.

  3. It definitely goes extremely quickly. I take so many pictures but already looking back over almost 8 months I am thankful for everyone of them. I’m just starting out with blogging. If you have any advice it would be much appreciated 😘

  4. I am so thrilled that these moments are yours at last. You’ve heard all the nuggets of wisdom – they are all true. Now I am enjoying my grandchildren – and the oldest is off to college next year. My sons are doing things now to help out their aging parents – how and when did that happen? Warp speed hardly describes the pace, Boundless hardly describes the joy.

  5. You are blessed. But I am blessed because I found your blog ages ago. I am blessed because of your example of loving the life you have . Before baby arrived, you wrote lovingly of your pet and prarie animals and farm animals and life. You expressed a joy in living. You love mothering, yes. But you love life in all it’s forms and you were a source of positive vibes even before baby arrived. Re: speed of growth? I have an eldest girl (24) who is at law school and lives with a fine man. I have a boy (21) in university at his own apartment. I have a daughter (20) who lives with her mum as I am just purchasing my post divorce home. I have a son (11) who lives with mum also. I see the two youngest daily and am a daily part of their lives. There are spans of time upon which I look back at and they are simply blurs. I feel taking pics. at all times is very valuable to parents. peace. I love your blog.

  6. Watching the world unfold for you and your precious lil (now big!) guy over the past year has been a absolute joy. He is a living doll! My heart bursts with happiness for you and your family. XO

  7. Same sentiment here. I just moved my nine month old up a size in clothing. She has eight teeth and can feed herself. What the heck? Nine months goes by way faster outside the womb…Enjoy your beautiful baby. I’m so happy for you…and happy for us too 🙂

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