enjoying life

We recently celebrated our little boy’s first birthday. I suppose that means he is a toddler now and not a baby, but most days a baby is who I see. Even as the teeth continue poking through tender gums and he drinks from a straw, still, a baby. My baby.

He began walking a week before his 10 month birthday and has been unstoppable since then. If it’s any indication of his personality, we will always be two steps behind trying to keep up.

One of the best moments are in the morning, when he is standing in his crib with a sleepy smile, ready for some snuggles and singing. It’s strange to think some day he will outgrow all this, and there may come a time where I never cuddle or kiss him again. I don’t want to believe that day will come.

This is our life right now. We’re still farming and gardening and even camping, but mostly, we’re cuddling and chasing and kissing the sweetest little boy in our world.

I feel really lucky.


6 thoughts on “enjoying life

  1. Aw….yes, he will grow, and you won’t actually “cuddle” him when he’s a man. But, kisses will most likely still be allowed, and the love will still be there – trust me!

  2. Yes! And with all your cuddling and kissing you are growing and spiritually nourishing a wonderful baby/toddler, who no doubt will grow into a wonderful boy, man and son! So very, very happy for you both!!! xoxoxo

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