That Mom

I have become “that mom” I guess. I thought I was going to be different. There are other things to talk about besides the offspring, right. No. Not for me, when it comes to blogging. I am like everyone else. Becoming a mother has made me incredibly confident in some ways, and boring in others. I used to dream for myself, right? Now, I dream for someone else. I dream for health, for happiness, for a childhood full of wonder and curiosity and an endless love for his mother. Everything about him is magic and I can’t help but to want to eat him up on a daily basis. I don’t want it to end. I don’t know what more there is to life than this right now.


4 thoughts on “That Mom

  1. I am lucky to have two 26 and one 8 years old. The feeling you describe as dreaming for another never goes away even when they are 26 even when 46…. once a mother has love for a child it never dies and some how it just grows bigger and bigger to add spouses and grand children… you will again find time for your dreams again but rarely are they as satisfying as these moments… enjoy!

  2. I was reading your blog yesterday and realized it was Theo’s 2nd birthday – Happy Birthday, little guy, and tell your mom that she can boast and talk about you all she likes, just like all us other proud moms! I have found that each stage of my girls’ lives is better, more interesting and presents more challenges and opportunities for our own development than the last (yes, even this year, when we are living with 3 teenagers in the house!)

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