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This is a space for the country dwellers, the lovers, and the dreamers. The wild at heart and the soul searchers.

Therefore, Welcome! So very glad to have you along.

The Guest Post portion of this blog will be titled : My Simple Life

My Simple Life can be about anything satisfies your soul for just a little while, or a long while.

Some examples might be that hot cup of tea in the evening, or those five minutes before your loved one comes home and you anticipate the greeting.

Some basic guidelines:

  • Please use your original, authentic voice in sharing your story.
  • Keep it in the theme of love and simple living, what it is that motivates you .
  • I am learning this as I go, but am thrilled and honored to take part in this! Thank you.

How to Submit a Post:

To submit a post, please email your work of 1000 words or less to, or use contact form found on this site.

I look forward to hearing from you!


5 thoughts on “Submit a Guest Post

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  3. Just enjoying reading your posts,thoughts and shares, on a cold rainy day here in Alabama. The miles may seem many, but I feel as if a neighbor, because of your likeness of admiration of life,in each of it’s seasons. Thank you for sharing life thoughts and ponders also=)

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